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Tazz - Till I Fall lyrics

[Intro:Young Cloudy ]
Ooohoooo T.L.B Baby yeah
We in the building man
Yeah Yeah Yeah Aha
[Bridge :Young Cloudy]
Balling till i fall
Balling till l fall
Balling till l fall
Dats the way l roll
Im balling till l fall
Dats the way l roll
[Verse 1:Young Cloudy]
Im balling till the day l fall [ l fall]
n***a dats the way l roll [l roll]
L never sleep or take cover with ma n***as
Coz we need ballers [NIGGA]
I pray to God that l never coz lve been through hell and don't mean it
And if you got beef with me you wasting your time coz l keep winning
Everything l do l never loose focus
Im all about dope
You all about hookers
Guese who is back with a brand new track
And l never give up coz its my pa**ion
[ey ey ey]
Young Cloudy is my name and shout out to T.L.B
With the realiest in the game
[Verse 2: Leerycal]
So many haters around
There is a new kid on the ground
f** all you haters and shout out to ma nikkas
Im balling lm looking for pounds
Haters keep hating and l keep on balling
All rounds and you falling coz lm on ma grind
I ball till l fall and you rappers are faking in vernec industry you rappers are puppets
Don't give a f** this industry is a hope and lm seeking my flow like a league out for men
Ain't nobody is better Leerycal
Nomatter you keep on hating
Guese lm the better
In this really you gonna regret
All you rappers are bunch of rejects
And my ups and down a regret
Its so 100 you know my projects
[HOOK : Young Cloudy ]
Im balling till l fall x3
Thats the way l roll
Im balling till l fall x3
Man thats the way l roll
Im balling x2
Lm balling till l fall
Yeah lm balling x2
Man thats the way l roll
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[Verse 3: The Fierce Detroit Rapper]
AH let me go YEAH
My name T.F.D
Yeah l roll hard l guese l gave you proof
Tranna get money but now so high YEAH l live with proof
I spit more blayze got 20 chains
Even though l roll over 2 chainzs
Once had my life in chains
But now lm popping chains
Damn my rap so slow got you thinking Robocop
I shoot with my flow put your hands in the air
And l feel like a cop you gonna get cuffed in the scene
Man l spit on the beat
My stomach rumbling for them beats
Guese l go keep flowing on the beat
When l k** all the beats
n***as go trap jumping on my hits
YEAH got T.L.B we k** these rappers
And leave them so zombie
I lay on the beat like lm f**ing a b**h
Got you screaming for a feat
I can't knock the hustle
But lm with the muscle
No need to wrestle
Just put more effort
Ice Prince lve catched the baecoup
Man l play my game like Lorris
Put no monopoly just feel this
Lm kinda cool coz sometimes l blayze
Fire you better find a pool
You will get cooled
Trippy music got morden hippies
This winndy city
Sotta sh**ty
Get a quicky
From the b**h lilly
Dropped a hit track
Left you screaming really
Counting money
Man lm benjamin
[Verse 4: Young Cloudy]
T.L.B we in the building
We the best
Thats the way l roll
Man lm balling til l fall
Balling till l fall
Thats the way l roll

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