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Tayyib Ali - Fountain of Youth lyrics

I mean, it just come natural to me, you know?

[Verse 1]
Moving from house to house, sleeping on couch to couch
Never in a lifetime I thought it would amount
To this, cause my focus was never getting rich
I was just trying to do what I love and found a niche
Grinding so long with my eyes closed now I'm with a model
For all the people who doubted me, this is the outcome
Shout out all my fans, supporting when I'm dropping albums
And the ones that forgot me when I take some time off
Cause when life get hard you see who really there
And it's crazy to see how much your life can change in a year
I done lost a lot of guys but I can't shed a tear
It was Visionary til the death, but still a nigga here
But I'm trying to make change for a little
So I'm coming to your town and I stay for a little bit
Independent, I'm gonna get it on my own
You know I ain't doing nothing unless I'm finna get my all

This is Ali and I give it to you
Bout life, growing up and the things that we do
Hardworking, you know I had to show them it's true
Because I'm the most high, this the fountain of youth

[Verse 2]
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I be checking my phone, hoping you call
Ain't been talking since the Winter, and now it's Fall
And my life changed, every night we have a ball
But I don't need the fame, I don't need expensive cars
People look at, like he a star when I step out the [?]
Since I ain't rich I feel like I'm hardly on
From the flows I pack shows, you can hear the echo
I ain't never had much but I knew I was special
At the age of 12 that's when I moved in with my Momma
6 of us in a 3 bedroom, you know there's drama
By age 14, I was in the projects wylin'
Run up with the chrome noggin' ride for your medallion
And as I got older, I got more blessed
Even though my Mom smoking crack had me depressed
Now I was 18 touring around the globe
Be a star like you are, that's what my father told


Ali, don't forget that
I know you see it
And this is brought to you by
Penthouses, bad bitches, good weed and good people
Fly shit only, this the fountain of youth
Shout out to everyone that's holding me down
Philly, I see y'all
Cause I'm the most fly, this the fountain of youth

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