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Tayyib Ali - Fountain of Youth lyrics

I mean, it just come natural to me, you know?

[Verse 1]
Moving from house to house, sleeping on couch to couch
Never in a lifetime I thought it would amount
To this, cause my focus was never getting rich
I was just trying to do what I love and found a niche
Grinding so long with my eyes closed now I'm with a model
For all the people who doubted me, this is the outcome
Shout out all my fans, supporting when I'm dropping albums
And the ones that forgot me when I take some time off
Cause when life get hard you see who really there
And it's crazy to see how much your life can change in a year
I done lost a lot of guys but I can't shed a tear
It was Visionary til the d**h, but still a n***a here
But I'm trying to make change for a little
So I'm coming to your town and I stay for a little bit
Independent, I'm gonna get it on my own
You know I ain't doing nothing unless I'm finna get my all

This is Ali and I give it to you
Bout life, growing up and the things that we do
Hardworking, you know I had to show them it's true
Because I'm the most high, this the fountain of youth

[Verse 2]
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I be checking my phone, hoping you call
Ain't been talking since the Winter, and now it's Fall
And my life changed, every night we have a ball
But I don't need the fame, I don't need expensive cars
People look at, like he a star when I step out the [?]
Since I ain't rich I feel like I'm hardly on
From the flows I pack shows, you can hear the echo
I ain't never had much but I knew I was special
At the age of 12 that's when I moved in with my Momma
6 of us in a 3 bedroom, you know there's drama
By age 14, I was in the projects wylin'
Run up with the chrome noggin' ride for your medallion
And as I got older, I got more blessed
Even though my Mom smoking crack had me depressed
Now I was 18 touring around the globe
Be a star like you are, that's what my father told


Ali, don't forget that
I know you see it
And this is brought to you by
Penthouses, bad b**hes, good weed and good people
Fly sh** only, this the fountain of youth
Shout out to everyone that's holding me down
Philly, I see y'all
Cause I'm the most fly, this the fountain of youth

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