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Tayyib Ali - Can't Hold Me Down lyrics

[Intro: Hoodie + Tayyib]
You know in the run in Anchorman where he's like "I'm serving up, hot bacon and egg

Thank you, thank you for rocking out tonight
You could be anywhere in the world. You right here
I got my special guest, Tayyib Ali man

Yup, We bringing this all the way from the Key-stone state

Chilling in the Empire state 'til we run the entire state

[Verse 1: Hoodie Allen]
Sitting in my '97 Honda, Yolanda
Be cool, she just want to go to Benihana
These fools rocking in my mother f**ing spot
Got a little bit of nerve and a lot a bit of pot
I can smell it while she hanging out the pa**enger side
Of her best friends ride, now she trying just to holla at me
(No Scrubs)
Knows how to fight, cat fight, punched her in the left eye
Chicks be getting feisty cause they fighting for the best guy
Yeah I'm bumping Biggie but I've never been to Bed Stuy
Counting out my money in a shoebox to my bedside
That's old school, no city bank
Got another girl all she listens to is Chiddy Bang
Everyone around me keep complaining that the city change
Listening to serious radio with the silly face
All these b**hes hatin' yeah I oughta name them Will & Grace
Gotta fat chance, I can fill the space

[Hook: Hoodie Allen]
I said please miss, I don't believe it
You touched me once I could feel it
Ain't no way that I'd ever leave it
We could float way up to the ceiling
They can't hold me down, they can't hold me
They can't hold me down, they can't hold me
They can't hold me down, they can't hold me
They can't hold me down, can't hold me down

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[Verse 2: Tayyib Ali]
Young boss man, they ain't heard of me though
Off top the convertable flow, and everywhere that I go
I seem to need you, so you know I'm gonna to do anything I need to
Hold up
They say I changed, picture that with a polaroid
We in the fast lane, you hear the motor roarin'
I had to pop-shove-it, cause you went overboard
I left charlotte still ballin like I'm Okafor
And they know they can't hold me down
Hoodie we on top this go around'
It's hard to holla' at you, cause I'm outta' town
In the sky, but they manufacture me from the ground
Nineteen with the dream of having it all
I need big money, so I'm stacking it all
You be my main girl, and I can be a dog
You'd be here when I'm up, just be down when I fall


[Verse 3: Hoodie Allen]
Nowadays my phone don't ring, text don't blow up
Head so big that my neck won't show up
But, I'm up and at 'em, keep it moving, know the deal
Got a super bad broad but she doing Jonah Hill
And my suit is half off and my ties all knotted
These hippies really love me because my buzz organic
They pick me at the market stick their pitchforks on it
Then they stick me in the garbage like the sh**'s got rotten
Man I'm sick to my stomach so I guess I'm Johnny Appleseed
Warren Sapp on me the way I go and tackle beats
Dude I meant I tackle bait, fishing for these compliments
You Mickey D's with condiments
I'm Licky Lee with confidence
That's got me on these continents, I'm on to the next place
Got a little love, I don't even need a s** tape
Gotta' live it up, I don't even need an X-Ray
They see through all bull homie, exnay


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