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Tay Iwar - The Box lyrics

[Verse 1]
I broke the rules
Then poked her walls
Confused but
Should that occur
Misusing my power
Now am feeling resentment
We call it recreation
Fornication is sin
Abomination we grim
True religion is love
No condition involved
To My sisters adhere
Your beauty is perfection
There's No need for interception
The world is yours
Don't box yourself
To my brothers one love
More money for us
Cultism we gon frown for sure
Not pieces, we go live in peace
Our hustle must pay
We no go graduate to wait
This generation must shine
The lights gon glitter
No probs for sure
We gat God involved
Crucifixion by love
Muhammed is love
Tradition belong
By force we go break the box

[Verse 2]
Why I no go cry
Why I no go fear
When the lies hurting
And the naira falling
See the fuel cues
Leaders them fighting
Wetin make I learn
Abacha stole our money
Check dem others too
Buhari bring the change
We all trynna adjust
We need a self inspection
Before we pressing charges
Aggression is invalid
On less you got status
I will write my wrongs to justify my thoughts
Am in a cold world
Can't inject my vein
While I read corinthians and blow some kush
Put on my TV
The old man rape the girl
When dey go bring the girls
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Dear iz God oo
We need patience
Abi na Good luck
But the change go tell
Our generation must take a chance

[Verse 3]
I've beaten and forgotten
Left down to rotten
See the scars on my face like Al paccino
Did you know I was lust before I found love
I know God never planed to abandon me
My music my biography
Lyrically, am overseas
But they all wanna box me in
Mike tyson sh**
Everybody's rapping now, but the crowd want a poet
My room for improvement will leave the haters claustrophobic
Been around orbit
No love about it
Searching for solution,
Polluted by the box
Justified in poetry, I use my pen to write my wrongs
My wrongs I write till am right with God
Lamar spoke the truth
I choose to live the truth
Drifted by pain
But we gon break the chains

I for one part of me, me I rephrase
I for all shall sick the sick to help make strong
Harmony is harmony
Whether or not you help make song
Save me, save you, save us
Be my police and I would stay yours
Do me a favour, do more favours
Reach out for those who cannot speak out
Look out for those you have to kick out
Skinny jeans competing with age
Angry religion conflicting in rage
The freedom of siting in cage
As ballers competing with Aids
My shayo dey jump from beer to beer
As I can't seem to understand lips from beard to beard
Hate in the heart of tribalism, ignorance and negativity
Kidnaps, terror, animalism
Syringes not piercing the vein
When we should light one up and bless the brain
Solitary understanding brother
Dear sister pray, pray, pray they say
The medicine for our sinful infections
Can only come from an inter-reflection and a self inspection
The medicine, the medicine, the medicine
Shout out VEC

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