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Tavish - Purple lyrics

[Verse - 1 ]

I have been living life lately, neither poured the liquor - neither man did I blaze trees
Everybody looking, thinking maybe I'm crazy
Baby, I've been on that shit, you do not amaze me

I have been living life, I have been living pride
I have been drinking bottle every size
I have been paying price -
Of some shit I never knew I did
Memories are dead - then I rose;

That's fact these basic bitches should better know

Every truth I know is because I'm kicking lies
Everywhere I go, man I see these sinners cry
Ima go hard like shit that goes into your head like Purple Ice
Serving everybody, how you like this verbal slice?


Game - game - game - game is in my sight
We don't walk in same lanes, ain't your type


The one whom over you girl just might ride

[Verse - 2]
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Back to the bass man I am back at it again
With a name of regent, it's a legend on a slay

I came -
You're faded, you're faded, I am on
You're faded, you're faded, you're gone

Pulling up you ready? I go ruling in my city
I go popping up for bigger, I go looking at my figures
Pulling up for bigger
I am aiming at you rappers pulling on my trigger

Hearing to my song, I'm the echo of the dome
See they dissing them, as they're singing all along -
I didn't come to save, no, I can't be that wrong
I'll leave the job to rescue you for guys in friend-zone

Bitch you is fucking up my zone
Don't be fucking up my zone -
I was born with dreams and visions of my throne
Needed no permission - to mission the bitches I shoot
No motivation boy, did it on my own


Game - game - game - game is in my sight
We don't walk in same lanes, ain't your type. x 2

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