Tash Sultana - Big Smoke Pt 1 lyrics

This is where you f** with the dude in the front row.
He's getting way into it. That's you Ray.

[Verse 1]
l'm giving [? 1:28]
I [?] feign love
I keep him holding on all night long
I keep on running into the faces [and?] the places in between
I'm all young and I guess I [young queen?]
But you're hella more, but you're [?]
Don't try to touch me, I'm electrified

Are you ready? That's not good enough.
Are you ready?


[Verse 2]
Welcome to the motherland
Where the sun gonna need to [? 4:29]
Welcome to Babylon
Primeval magic that we are [?]
'Cause I [been there?]
[?] on my feet
No don't tell me please
'Cause I've seen the door before and I swear to god
[?] feel [that way?] no more

No else, no I won't, not for you

And you're gonna run [far away?]
And you're gonna run [?]

[Verse 3]
Start each day [? 5:50]
Put your face in my hands all the time
What a beautiful day to start the same day again
Now the kind of boy that knows [?] gotta leave you [?]
How I gotta leave you [?]
What am I supposed to do? Me and you
When the big smoke comes, I gotta run
Far away from all your problems
Got a [?] about to do [?]

And you're gonna run [far away?]
And you're gonna run [?]

I'm just f**ing with you.

I keep him holding on, [?] love
Keep him holding on, I don't know
Keep on running to the faces and places in between
[?] I [?] queen

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