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TANUKI - Bile lyrics

[Verse 1]
The Wolf is spitting rabies and his Growl is piercing
He's Overdosing lately to adjust his hearing
Ladies know that he a Monster so they playing local sponsor
Asking them to “Call Me Baby” fingers on their earring
Hear me, hear me, I'm yelling from the zenith
Cause the fiends are sleeping on this heathen
But my bile rising faster than the steam I'm breathing
Even need a meaning for the meetings I'm attending recent
He's ravenous, damaged from his abstinence
Can't follow greed so he draws from pot of avarice
Tryna voice his creed and his claws are hot with jaggedness
Whipping sh** delicious with the salt he stole from cabinet
Sticking pretty strictly to his cubicle like Qbert
Soul never fit and that's exactly why the shoe hurt
If you heard that he falling off, that's a bit absurd
Never on the cloud at all, too scared of heights to really ball
Player digging trenches on some World War 1 sh**
Sitting in the benches on some curl warm-up sh**
Hanging on the trees and I'm chewing on the eucalyptus
If I told you I was lying is it truth or am I lifted?

[Verse 2]
I take the elevator down to the trial room
One grizzly situation too hard to bear the fumes
Third time's the charm so I'm asking for that three-group
But I haven't had a fling since I was still in High School
I keep my ice cool
By the beach I keep my eyes pooled
You know lambs they make the wolf drool
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And other wolves get his fur on end, too
He only parched just to match his hunger
Saliva on the beat proving that with thunder
I think I'm starving cause of 2 of 4 humors
I'll dissect with my phlegm and blood cruller
The first bile is the yellow one I surely know
All aggression leads to problematic episodes
I'm just tryna funnel fury into fancy feasts
Let my temper take a tempo and support my feats
The other bile is of black, call it melancholy
Dealing with depression pouring it on everybody
So I'm dipping my pen in this black bile
Writing fine fiction to pervade my perfect failure files
[Verse 3]
Sick of this bile, so I'm bout to go vile
See the sticklers getting tickled by the sweat of his brow
How the chickens getting fickle at the threat of the cow
Pull the hammer of the rhapsodist and knock it like “blaow”
We getting crowded by downloads, frowning cause the cloud slow
How low will nouns go, sentenced to the clown show
Red nose product of the cold cut ounce stone
Protect your neck and the load the deck with ten of your best, forget the
Checks and f** your ex and throw the pills in the grim crypt
Cause this sh** bangs the whip harder than a sixth fifth
For me to grovel on a center flowing throbbing I'm
Intoxicated swimming to the brim with thin lips
So kiss the twisted fist and let the man grow
Lifting quickly to the Starry Night like Van Gogh
Spitting so vivid the paintings in gold, spilling the bile all over the mold
Capital rising and so he devising that rappers are thin so he cutting them cold

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