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[Verse 1: Talley of 300] sh** I'm too much Too much for my damn self Hit the streets and go hand in hand I place that paper like damn stamps Try, b**h Imma teach you 'bout drumming, and blowing trumpets that's band camp I'm only coming to tell you sweet dreams, b**h I'm the Sandman Take every shot at his top like he wearing a head cam, yeah he a dead man If he survive then I swear it's a miracle, but he gon' need a bedpan Leavin' 'em pissed, let's go take his life and don't leave him with sh** Watchu know 'bout blowing the Reaper a kiss, I promise six feet ain't the deepest it get That's why I keep God, pray and play smart, keep the DA and my face with a charge Keep tools on me in the street like martial law, and f** the police I'm on national guard If we ain't in business then you ain't the fam Then you don't eat, Ethiopian f** with the team, yeah he hope he can So he suicide like the Holy Quran Yo b**h I ain't meet, that ho in a trance Better get a leash before she go off command If we in the sheets then she gon' know the clan And I keep it up front so she know where I stand TO3 if you ain't know who I am Heat on me b**h I'm gon' blow like a fan GOD with me and so are these bands FGE in and we so in demand Yeah Coming from the sole like old boots n***a Imma vet like old troops This sh** is accustomed like a old school And you n***as just old news Do it all, go hard like I don't bruise I stay on alarm, b**h I won't snooze Repairman yeah b**h I know tools Get in these muddy waters you gon' know blues No trust for these n***as, they could be the po-lice Gotta watch for the Snake Eyes, without rolling no dice They hate when you gettin' and pimpin' And b**h I'm so dynamite, but I'm known to leave a b**h froze (boom, boom) Disney on Ice [Verse 2: Montana of 300] I'm a k**er in a gas mask I was headed up a bad path Infatuated with the fast cash Pounds no hashtag Brought 'em in a trash bag Got the weight off like lipo Don't ever play around with my dough The last n***a that you beefed with didn't make you full of steel but this one wheel (will) unicycle Smooth criminal, Michael I'm so focused like a tight rope FGE that's what I ride for Started moving hydro, now I'm going viral Everything I spit is pyro Watch me kick it like Tae Bo [?] Youngin from the ninth floor, nice flow Verses so deep that you gotta translate 'em like the Bible Breakin' rules with my dudes up in school with them tools but I didn't go to Columbine I got so much money on my maf**ing mind that I tattooed a dollar sign I'm self-made I'm self-paid that's the bottom line I'm just fine I ain't signing no dotted line Talk sh** and see me, or just keep your mouth closed, who knows you might just live to see father time When you beefing with me in these streets boy I know exactly what to do with ya It's B.O.B.E when we suiting up This murder sh** ain't nothing new to us I never call my shootas up They call me like "Yo, you want me to shoot him up?" Ha! The looks on they face is so priceless when they come to realize it's two of us Like Jesus get nailed to the cross when it's MC Hammer, I ain't come here to screw with ya Get nailed with these shells when this ruger up I gave 'em hell just like God did to Lucifer Your son or your daughter, your mami, your papi, your granny I don't give a f** who with ya See first I whack you then slide dick in your boo She get pa**ed on to my crew then I'm through with her I got head in the whip, spread the legs on that chick, yup I beat that p**y no drumstick Two pussies in one night that's fun sh** I let that b**h off til' my gun click Right between his eyes then they closed up Yo n***a got whacked then you froze up No strip club but b**h I stay poled up Like Lamborghini doors, my dough's up

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