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Talley Of 300 - Bout That Life lyrics

Money and murder
You say you bout that right
Stop poppin' off boy knock it off cuz you ain't bout that life
Money and murder
You say you bout that right
Hop out that life (bang-bang) boy you ain't really bout that life

[Verse 1: Montana of 300]
Bitch it's Montana, you heard he a killa
He bout bout he think he Percy Miller
That 40 on ‘em got bout 30 in it
That clip extended it (bang-bang) you know that nigga finished
My niggas hittas, one hitta quitters
Ready for war what you thought you gon have to come and get us
Bitch this 300 and we don't play
(Bang-bang) then DOA ain't gotta ask if he's okay
Look at my face, look at my eyes, tear drops is fallin' my nigga my tattoos tell no lies
I'm hanging out that ride bullets about to fly
You ain't about that life, fuck nigga you about to die


[Verse 2: Montana of 300]
I'm bout that money, I'm bout that murder
Bitch I stay fly and I stay wit that burner
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FGE [?] you ain't got no loot at all
I stay in some shit you never seen but that ain't new to yall
Pistol on my hip that bitch stick to me like I glued it on
No homo when I bust that ass that 40 do that tootie boy
So chill with all that poppin' off before I start poppin' off
You ain't bout that murder and money so buddy knock it off
I try to tell ‘em, I gotta kill ‘em, that tool like I go (bang bang) if I let that hammer nail ‘em
So fuck who love ‘em, fuck what he talkin' bout
I off the opps then fought the block and watch his coffin drop


[Verse 3: Tally of 300]
Okay bitch I'm rollin' pistol totin' got that 40
Soon as niggas act like they want sumthin' I'm lettin' dem hold it
Empty it to reload it, gasoline let's explode it
Ain't no turning back once this killa shit control me
Money and murder, fuck you know bout it?
When we come get it, don't be violent cuz you be silent
Cuz we be wildin' then get back to the cash cuz bitch we bout it
Phone hit all day, Glock on me broad day
In a white tee, Nikes don't worry bout why I ain't icy
Just know that I gotta pocket full of money yall dummies
And the shit yall niggas talkin' don't excite me
Money and murder get to it don't talk bout it just do it for the day you cross a nigga like me (bang-bang)


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