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Talley Of 300 - Ballin' lyrics

I got them racks up in my jeans (Ballin')
Man every time I hit the scene (Ballin')
All the b**hes surrounding me (Ballin')
And I ain't worried about a thing cuz b**h I stay with that thing
Don't know what the f** you thought I'm (Ballin')
And every time I hit the mall I'm (Ballin')
Sometime it's just me and my dogs (Ballin')
Yet I'm a ball until I fall
Stacking my money tall
I got them racks up in my jeans

[Verse 1:Talley of 300]
I Cross ‘em and drive hard then slam dunk a b**h
A penetrating pa** cuz I don't cuff a b**h
But for what it's worth they treat me like a nurse
They say they got that wet wet I tell ‘em I can surf
And yeah b**h I'm ballin'
Me and my team hustle hard no stalling
We stay fly with high minds no falling
And only answer for that money and it's calling
Player of the year watch me kick up a gear
If you hear them b**hes cheer then I must've just appeared
I'm stone cold muthaf**a another ones a**umptions
b**h we going for the ball man it's time to get it jumpin'
Haters feelin' my degree, I'm in another league
Runnin' till the clock stop and never show fatigue
We get it from the bottom so shinin' is not a thing
But get hot over that ice and you could f** around and freeze
Cuz we outchea (Ballin')

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[Verse 2: Montana of 300]
Ay all the b**hes feelin' dude
After the game I'm that n***a they want to interview
I ball so f**ing hard, I swear I should have my own tennis shoes
The number one question they asking is what I finna do I said I'm (Ballin')
b**h right after you give me head I'm (Ballin')
And when I hop up out the bed I'm (Ballin')
And right after I get my bread then slide on just like a sled
Don't know what the f** you thought
Every time I hit the mall
When you see me wit my dogs or if I'm mackin' to yo broad
My n***a I ain't never slippin'
Keep that pistol by my draws
And if you tried you can dine on a boss I won't get caught
You n***as mad cuz yall b**h want us
You n***as ain't ballin' yall benchwarmers I sh** on yall
When I step out they say that n***a dress raw
I leave the scene like Mr. Clean they say that n***a just balled
I swear I'm (Ballin')


[Verse 3: Montana of 300] (2x)
I do this for my team ho
I should get a ring ho
I should be on the cover of slam magazine ho
You ain't never seen tho, n***a throwing C-notes
I ain't trippin' b**h I got more chips than a casino


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