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Takamaru - Ya Buzz Is Done lyrics

[Verse: Takamaru]

They giving wins and I didn't even rap
Off a chopped up leaked unfinished draft
Just mentioned his name and took a few jabs
Trusted the wrong n***as snakes in the gra**
After this you won't have any nb fame
He say I play 1v2 cause I got two brains
n***as clearly on Nb riding ya train
Now imma show you how I handled the game
Show you how yo aim ain't the same
What you came with fans threw into flames
You trying but you still ain't in my lane
Try me Send yo head to the clouds…
Nothing was the same
E O G .. G O E .. E O G .. G O E
Coming at me what kind of molly you P O P
The crowd a**isting you more than CP3
You didn't earn ya dinner you on ebt
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You on beat but your lyrics are utter sh**
Why you be taking selfies posing like my sis
You spit no facts idk what I miss
And that's the sh** Naruto b fux with?
I'm really disappointed of my suspect son
I clutched more wars then imperia won
The first track I was just trying to have some fun
Ears make nothing else ya buzz is done
You wack as f**... ya buzz is done
b**h n***a.. ya buzz is done
White boy... ya buzz is done
Wack as f**... ya buzz is done

[Outro: Takamaru]

No more reaching I see yall just want something on beat, something anyone could do, we back to them lunch tables. this n***a rich typing hate essays and sh**, go see a therapist lil n***a, you need someone to talk to on some real sh**, and drink some tea it keeps you calm. ik you want to be apart of this because rapping may be yo dream but i guess you may take part in it since i diss you, I mean you're open to do it now. n***a reaching so he can hop in it
SIT YO HAM ASS DOWN! This the men table.....
Oh and by the way, i got 32 bars for anyone that come at me. This is my other half. anyone worthy to make that clear

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