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Tainted Mindz - Any Time Any Place lyrics

1, 2 turnitup, yeah, we gonna do this 4 my manÿ deff bluff, wasup we
Aint 4 dis sh** n***as, it's like dis, states of minds in 96, checkit out,
Uh, it's proof that wen I'm in the proof it's effortless I'm choking from the
Smoke from the everbest, I spit the I'll rum stain, photos in a saucer
Barbecuing like the main, but then I blare this wiv brown dots on my
Fingertips, we use diablos as are play withs, like sonar I smoke more n's
Than omar

Oh how your learning inside desires burning, so don't play with money from
My rhinos or you'll catch black vinyls all across your spinals,
Mothersÿ hot get you on the prot, like dialation didn't think I'd mke
It out the basement, but like this your on my ride man, but they got me
Tryna shake my hand and now you called me fam, but I witness a camelizm,
Your skin don't blend wen it's up against the real!

Any time any place, any place any time, that's my word (rep)
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Uh, many play activity define something you don't play wivÿ like a
Q'uran though I write rhymes still with balance, one tainted mind still has
Balance, uh, but that's for talents, that's god giving and let me tell you
This, we coming out the cellars wiv it, somethings sure 2 hit the best
Sellers list, that n******g useless tracks are filled wiv filth, your words
Are swift, my pen is smoked and griped, harsh words, yeah, so n******gs you
Know are story, run and load I'll let the music while u run 4 me

Societies they one ex from that crack specialist, on the concrete nobody so
Evident, I'm pissed with aÿ lost mind to stay twist, protected, of
Course I'm like a magnet to the track then, worst is relating for my mouth,
Cos they aint in doubt, just didn't know who he was!

(Chorus) x3 yeah, givin u the new 96 new sh** naa mean, gotta say watsup to
My n***a baf gates, my n***a james bond, I take my 4th statement to the

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