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Tahj keeton - Uber addict lyrics

Uber addict! (Yea)
Uber addict n***a!(yea)
U can try
U can't try it
Man ain't no ducking on my n***as

Yea Call the uber ima call the uber
4 door cadillac
Moving roof
Spend a ticket all on my newest shoes
Rick owens raf
And them yeezy 2's
Gotta couple girls
Wit bape on em
Preme with the new lace on em
Uber gotta new plate on em
Cali got em outta state on em
Life lookin like movie
Imax blu-ray and the 3d
If you ain't popin bands like my clique
Stevie wonder u can't see me

2nd verse:
Uber from my trapphone
Big t's im on my mike jones
I must be rare if i got mikes on
Foreign she straight from taiwan
She be baddy with them tights on
She call me daddy
When my ice on
Facetime from different time zones
She want some diamonds get her rhinestones

Cuz Ion love em n***a
Ion love em
I got girls in stock
Got em by the dozens
She ion like me n***a
I just get her cousin
I might tag her sister
Ima cal her mother
Text her bestfriend
Bet she coming over
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She ain't gotta whip
I just call the uber
Now she want a n***a
But she undercover
U a bullsh**ter
sh** im jimmy butler

Ian catch no bodies n***a
Ian wit no thoties n***a
Middle finger errbody n***a
But man ill snap when they try me n***a
Wrist wrist watch honkey
Got this that and the third all up on me
But i called one two and three just to bring that money

U broke n***a and im hella rich
Got a heavy rolly bout to break my wrist
And i..

(Get all that money)

Brake the bank
Deposit mills
Boy im shabba ranks
Got the custom vans
I be hella laced
Got that gold
On me
Its a metal taste
Gold teeth
Im at the j**ler
Full grill
Like im cookin chickens
Call the whip
Im turnin villian
Clowning n***as
Like ur favorite villian
Boy im whippin in that batman
I gotta movie n***a
Where you at man
Boy im ballin
n***a im pacman
U a squally n***a
To the trash can
Yall some mollys
Ion pop xans
I get a stack
And i pop bands


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