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Tahj keeton - Atlanta lyrics

Im still a east side
Hollywood nigga

Godby road god
With nothing but real killers

Riverdale grail
Candy lady used to sell

Section 8 niggas
Man they Still paid that bail

East side
Hollywood nigga

West end
With nothing but hilfiger

Five point coin
All my niggas tried to sell

Riding round i get it
Still screaming fuck 12

Verse 1:
I was raised in that southside
With nothing but broke
Niggas cleaning out cars if u was gone too long
Niggas called me oreo
Cuz i ain't hit trap doors
Same niggas used to jump me
Ain't worth shit no more
Middle school cascade was the move
Skating rink where all the ladies bootys had to move
Thats where every young young nigga
Had to move
Thats where everybody
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Check the booty in the trus

(Fuck true religion)


Everybody aaaaaammmeeen
Watch us hit the floor
Watch us fall and go
Everybody aaaaaamen

Everybody ammmen
Lost in my own world
Diamonds and the pearls
Everybody amennnn

Southside running man the southside running
Southside plummit
Then the southside coming
Buckhead god
All my youth
Spread hunnids


Verse 2:
Shout my nigga aristotle
Plugging to the dirt
Jugg god hood god
Pass it to the first
Fucking wit em you gone end up chilling in the hurse
Batman robman
Catch em on the lurk
Hit up north atlanta
Nigga sweves put in work
Whipping in the phantom
Yea you know im putting work in
Still a southside nigga if im going to the dirt


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