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Tahir - Trapping For The Wrong Reasons (Really Can't) lyrics

I really, really, I really can't fuck with y'all niggas
I really, really, I really can't fuck with y'all niggas
I really, really, I really can't fuck with y'all niggas
I really, I really, I really can't. I really can't fuck with y'all

(Verse 1)
I really can't fuck with y'all, don't care what's up with y'all
Puffing a J in the back, hoping Cassie gone
Rage while I rap along, don't try to dap me though
Might catch a L to the face like I passed the dro

Been on the low, oh
Don't fuck with my zone
Please do not ask me to follow you ho
Cause I am only trynna follow you home, oh

So tired of these guest lists, half dressed bitch
Really fronting like she don't want pipe
Little hypebeast niggas got they wifey with them
But she bust it for me all last night

Shit, I might be tripping, I don't like these niggas
Trust me, I ain't really go outside
Been bout that crew shit, nigga you knew this


(Verse 2)
Oh my god, I really cannot
Like white bitches dawg
Or a duke if you smart, I keep two feet from y'all
Keep my two feet from y'all

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But y'all groupies is marked, want a nigga that ball
Not T.O, LeBron
I'ma eat her like ramen, bout that rebound like Rodman
Gave her d sans that bull man

In here like woah
Pop a zan and I'm gone, pop a zan and I'm ghost
On my pat, in the zone, I kick it if we close
I'm sure anyone knows

Hit my dab in the corner, Swear that shit made her horny
I'ma give you a warning
Hit it like...
Hit it like, Hit it like Suge or the Quan


(Verse 3)
Don't ask no questions, just consider this a blessing
Stop sipping syrup but I'm leaning on these bitches
I like clothes imported and I like my girls expensive
She gon' talk about trips to Europe, I said bitch you really tripping

I ain't your dad, plus I ain't your man
Bitch, I am the man
And these niggas ain't fam, these niggas is fans
Like Viets, I can't

Copping z's at my pad, I repeat her, no pan
Bet she leave with no pants
Groupie niggas like damn
I hope we can be friends... Naw

(Chrous) x 2

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