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Tahir - HYLYF lyrics

[Verse 1: Tahir]
Woosah, Go and bring them out, Get the liquor out, What you kidding 'bout?
Breaking shit down
Crew high like clippers out. Salt, lick it, pow, Make your liver pound
Tack, Ticking now
See, it's the reason for the season, people screaming, speakers bleeding
Just believe in what I'm speaking
Fucking mobbing, Al Pacining
Weigh in like Keenen
Toshi chiefing all the weed man
That's true. Racist dude
Ali with chickies popping E, man
Giving d, so they're demons
High life bitch, that's how we live
90's niggas with dreams man
So you can call me Hakeem man
Rest in the Double Y Z damn, huh

[Bridge: Tahir]
So crazy, these niggas so crazy
But everything that's beautiful is always so crazy
Living everyday like I know I'm gon' make it
So this ain't being cocky it's just a statement
"Just the greatest" huh?

[Hook: Tahir]
High days and high nights
Bitch I'm repping that HYLYF
I said high days and high nights
Bitch I'm repping that HYLYF
I said high days and high nights
Bitch I'm repping that HYLYF
Bitch I'm repping that HYLYF
Bi-Bitch I'm repping that HYLYF

[Verse 2: Shirloq Ouija]
It goes, Marijuana, anytime that you wanna
One love to my Ganja farmer
One middle finger up to these informers
Two middle fingers up to these imposters
Three guns up for my roster
Four head shots of that Vodka
Just can't wait to be king like Mufasa, uh
Usually I don't switch flows
[Lyrics from: https:/]
But I think I might just try my hand at it
Got a Backwood lit with the window cracked
High as a kite in the middle of traffic
Got a cup of O.E
Blunt of O.G
White bitch in the back and she hold heat
She's attracted to a nigga gold teeth
Spell bound, real black magic

[Bridge: Tahir]
So crazy, the game is so crazy
But everything that's worth it makes the goal so crazy
Living everyday like a fucking doctor ain't it?
Cause the more I'm losing time, I'm losing patience
Watch me take it


[Verse 3: Tahir]
June June with Cloud 9
Well Cloud high, hence the name
And we HYLYF, so how's your life
You fucker huh? Mine's great
I'm in the pursuit of happiness
Life's kind of crappy I ain't mad at it
Cause these hard times, make our minds
Become Gods of our hometown
And I'm so proud
And so willing to achieve, best believe it
Cause the journey make the goal so much fucking sweeter
So believe me
If life was fucking easy
These achievements wouldn't mean shit
So I treat it like a chick and I just beat it
And I beat it up

[Bridge: Tahir]
So crazy, my kyoudai so crazy
They see my damn potential and the shit is so crazy
Living everyday like we into renovation
We just break this niggas down and them replace em, shit is crazy huh?


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