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Tage Future - Take It Away lyrics

[Verse One: Tage Future]
When you hear T, see you need to gather 'round
Get in learning position and listen to this one
I Savion Glover the track
Tap talk to that sound
Any volunteering, make 'em pay for interfering
Pave a way for my career and man a hurricane is nearin'
No diesel
My vibes will exercise
So high as degrees all this causin' us to freeze
My nigga please who
He'll get done if he cometh
My slangs off the hook like Orenthal
James, y'all get the name?
Eff the fame, the fortune is all
But I paint a stain on your brain like Gorbechev
Be like
Get lapped on a track
Perhaps you can't see right/C-Right

Not when your eyes be tight like Chinese blind man
And the tai weed we light needs 19 firemen
And a Visine hydrant, to get these eyes clean by it
I'm strictly, 'bout my team, biased
Get me

[Tage Future]
Try not to look confused when I share it's coolest
Prolly cause that bottom of Goose in the air
My pockets are loose but here in the booth I feel multimillionaire
We the truth, I declare to do beautifully
Makes it clear to you that...

[Hook: Tage]
O Dot is in the building so make way
Flows hot I'm fiendin' to kill 'em they can't hate
Then click to finish an image they tryin' to portray
Sucka niggas is takin' it away

[Verse Two: Tage Future]
Case you've been sleeping they come for him to bust
Unslumber you ducks
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I must've thrown you under the bus for any blunder
I give 'em rhythm and your flow is real overkill
You're like Steve Wonder, under control of an Oldsmobile
Hit the breaks
Out the keys, off the plates
Some will maneuver the music, you miss your turn
Now homie chill
I'm navigating straight through the 50 states
It would be absurd for me to try to return like Holyfield
Forces try to hold me still I outstretch them
Gettin' older now, feelin' finesse manifesting
I got a crew to move your best men like chess men
Make your head spin like a tag in reception


[Verse Three: Tage Pronto]
Now I know it took long for me to warm, now I'm gone
It's really on, look at the past, the calm before the storm
No gray vicinity, either bomb or perform
But that ability into me before I was born
So really, if he ain't feelin' me, it's no problem I'm calm
Man I ain't seen shit, I'm like a prawn in a pond
But my body's above water, raw to the sun
Cause when it comes to the tongue I'm a son of a gun, nigga
I even question my resolve on gettin' involved
I learn to spell 'grind' til everything written is raw
How Tage is hittin' that sauce
Funny cats around me didn't believe I'd be the stud I've become
That's laughable, I'm not asking you
Take it away and change shit
Jake Willy lacing the arrangements
Sometimes I feel like I should be wearing a crown
Your girls control is nowhere to be found
But fuck that
The way for talent and execution to marry got me stressin'
But it's a hell of a day, last night he popped the question
Bitches sell impression, I'mma take a room like a bulldozer
Made a vow, coming soon now the honeymoon is over
So make way


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