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Tage Future - Mega Mega lyrics

[Verse 1: Camu Tao]
He's lookin' silly, laughin' at the card table
Didn't know we're gonna slide in and cut his main cable
I'm unable to tell you that it's (un) unstable to fuck with the likes of (Tao)
Ended up posted up in the morgue thinking about some scalpels and some white gloves
But you a killa, right?
Hemmed up, with the lights out
Real thugs will find you and lift your head up, then put a price out
(Where you at?) I'm hangin' with niggas that's sick with it
That'll risk mischief and punch you in your face so hard he'll leave your teeth spinnin'
You're breathin' what I'm breathin', killa, stage is warm
You're needin' what I'm needin', killa, a can of Agent Orange
Came to whip the shit outta you, I never counted you
I think you're makin' a mistake and I don't even doubt you
But I bet these bullets won't leave here tonight, kid, without you

[Verse 2: Tage Future]
Let's overwhelm 'em with a mouthful, don't choke 'em out, Mu
Might be better for business just to keep him on the shitlist
Make him die a slower death through infliction of a sickness
This is Ohio viral, Megahertz are your co-hosts
You're usually delusional if you're thinkin' your flow's close
So many are almost, any beef we slow-roast
Up all night you would think that we o-dosed on No-Doz
Back and forth it to both coasts, schoolin' 'em like a provost
Get up and smack a square like I'm playin' the low post
We Voltroned in 9-6, T spit deranged
To Tao and Cop after the Northland and Mifflin game
Put enough fresh in the air to solve global warming then
Place a moratorium on the style you performing in
Hold the floor, we liftin' it up, pace pickin' it up
Or get stuck in the thick of the dust cuz we kickin' it up
Feelin' the rush got you nervous and we're knowin'
Put a bullet hole through that bubblegum bubble that you blowin' (Hi-Yah!)

[Hook: RJD2 scratching]
Your stupid ass get clapped
Stop playin' man, you touchin' 'em
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[Verse 3: Copywrite]
(ah-uh yeah)
It goes Camu, Tao, Copy, Jakki, Tage and RJ
Well, are they human or aren't they?
YAHWEH gave me a name of Adam, let me at 'em
I'll rearrange their atoms, put 'em into bleeding brains, DNA won't even matter
And if RJD2's on the wax, you become shitty at pool, you lose on the scratch
Move back and lose scratch to a Grant-a-holic
And I'm ballin', pants are haulin' the Costanza wallet
I write C-o-stanzas, like I'm Larry David
Zero chances that I'll reload faster
My ego's a placebo, for the people that are evil
And don't need no answer to join the Kill Pete Slow fan club
Against currents of fecal matter
Up shit creek, but shit, we paddle three boats faster
Time travel to the future in a lab with a nitrogen mask
Then after, right back to the past to battle Tero's cancer

[Verse 4: Jakki Da Mota Mouth]
(my turn, my turn)
I drunk drive and I'm a horror
You got one dime, I got ten fives and fours
And I'm laughin' when I'm eyein' yours
Cause last night, she wasn't your wife, after Gin, Wine and Coors
I am grinnin' walkin' out of the clinic because I'm finished
No more Trichomonas, Metronidazole has done it's business
If you don't get it, you probably don't fuck enough
You probably think you tough and stuff, until I let a midget come touch you up
I ain't no thug in the street, that's why I box lames
When they lose, they switch to the Heat like Lebron James
When Mega barge up in the spot like we already win
With mics out, it's lights out, like bein' heavy's in
Pipe down, right now this local jokes amaze me
Talkin' crazy when they Stewie to me, big headed babies
And I'm your dogs boss actin' like you go to work
You niggas call off, pretend to be crack, but all soft


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