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Tage Future - Me, Myself And You lyrics

[Verse One: Copywrite]
They say I'm a bastard
Ghost writers, I make 'em casket
Grindin' till I'm your favorite rappers, favorite rappers, favorite rapper
Don't let me loose you though
I move through on Cruise Control and lose you, you move too slow
I chew you and spew your flow
And I'mma spoon feed the flow to you skeeze till doe
Is on leaves it grows on my tree
Your flow is on E and I'm gassed up
Get wrecked up, hoe it's on me
They tried to fence me in, they tried to lynch me
But I got road rage, don't ride against me
You can't get in the fast lane, riding ten speed
Tense? You'll be mincemeat if you try to diss me
You get me?
It's C.O.'s own C.O.P.Y
Realize I need my home grown so B.I.,
T.C.H. go home
This T.H.C.'s got me
With a V8 lean, Copy don't need anything

All I need is me, myself and I and uh
This lighter to light this fire up
This mic to get this livened up
And you and you and you and you and
All I need is me, myself and I and uh
This lighter to light this fire up
This mic to get this livened up
And you and you and you and you

[Verse Two: Tage Future]
If you think about it ?? T. selecting the scripture
Same as Roger Ebert directing a picture
Google past a couple of years
I develop my style without anybody knowing
And I chose the direction that nobody's goin'
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But on the way I'm gonna touch bucks, now it's 'bout the figure
My speech absurd each word is worth a thousand pictures
My clique's a stick in the stomach, y'all niggas don't want it
I spit it with vigor enough to disfigure a trumpet
And T's for Tage that's who hate, that's cool
That shit will fade, I come off like a fake tattoo
Your chicks amazed I'mma blaze, hope you got your armor
I bring iller noise/Illinois to your state than Barack Obama
Can't stop I'm a goner
Cop, rock shit with me and Jakki, we gettin' richer, you dying
Look at you bitchin' and crying
Sippin' gin and tonic, plus twistin' plenty chronic
On some grown man shit, y'all motherfuckers embryonic


[Verse Three: Copywrite]
See it's, very aware we prepare for havoc
Fabric, softners in your pocket, you're scared of static
And you're more gassed up than an Excursion limo
And ain't nobody even heard your demo
I'm an addict for the kush, plus Nike addict, add it to the book
Might even get the Nike swoosh tatted to my foot
Everybody you had beef before is reneging now
Thought they had us figured out till we went a different route
I'm back, reloadin', we goin' hard, C.O. we smokin' jars
Pullin' decks and takin' joker cards
You're close but no cigar
No jar made of matter blowin'
Smoke rings 'round Earth, made a Saturn I'mma
Get some dead presidents out of the game
If I gotta dig 'em out of they graves
Pass the shovel, I'm past your level
How hot? Ask the devil
Y'all got trash to pedal
Can't knock my hustle
Blast the treble

All I need is me, myself and uh...

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