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Tage Future - Gone! lyrics

[Verse 1: Copywrite]
Its been a minute innit'
But I've been spittin longer then sinnin' is been invented
Sin a gimmick in the clinic
Carry the torch
To the game I've been married, divorced
Reengaged, remarried, sharing these carrots with whores
Horse and the chariot, who's carryin it?
Hip-hop's the body and were buryin' it
Each and every minute
Scary innit' very ignit'
Hassidic Jew type
You might barely get it
Hustla' we Larry Flint it
Since the very beginning
To this very minute
I'm scary paring a sentence
Arrogant as Paris inheriting parents
Digits, minutes, when it's finished
Then it's over, finished, over did it
Isn't this fun dancing to the rhythm of guns
Gettin' it done, gone hot, but didn't visit the sun
Ah, y'all set the bar so low that I can limbo
Under the instrumental; Y'all wonderin' where we been, though

[Verse 2: Tage Future]
Where the hell have you been at
Question has often been at
Right where, tail on the donkey is where I pen at
Dot my T's and cross my I's for disguise
Hard to stay underground when you reach for the skies
I mean your speech on the rocks
Apply heat seekers on none keen thinkers that meet your demise
Hello, fresh ass shit, hope you enjoy it
Each bars like soap that fell in the toilet
Flame boiled and board it, rock my uniform
I'm gonna do a song, take it to a place where no man like you has gone
Gone, and getting more nasty dont ask me
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I'm on paid leave, front inflicted hatters harassment
At my gig, terminating rappers with no severance
Through my piece of the pie, twenty two sevens
And catch the line in like another twenty two seconds
Epicenter of the essence, you need directions? Huh?

[Hook - Copywrite & Tage Future]
Then I'm gone
Land line ringin' off the hook and I'm not home, I'm not home
Then I am gone
And the next time you think about me just say gone, just say gone
I am not gone
Some place from the past I do not play blunt for long
If you doing you then you not wrong
And if you ain't down I do not condone

[Verse 3: Copywrite]
Well if you had it locked, you left the windows down
Depend on how I feel I might kill these big-nosed clowns
Player get a life, no Nintendo sounds, pounds of Indo found
The window from where the wind blows out
Tage & Surock came with Cop; name the block
I'll be in the towns before the pen goes down
So easy to take out, garbage to rich folks
Not selling out, from hard rock to disc joke

[Verse 4: Tage Future]
I dont know what to say
But here I go, freak
I've been engulfed in my own flow, seasick
You dont know she here, can't be there, wanna be there
Maestro of the macabre opera he hid
As soon as I began I became
Ha, I wonder if you plan to be lame
Perpetually protect the family name
Mega remains, standing my rein


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