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Tage Future - Combustion Spontaneous lyrics

"Every technique can be used in a great many ways"

[Verse One: Copywrite]
Tao and Tage got my back like it's hereditary
Syntax not necessarily news call us the Columbus Dispatch

[Tage Pronto]
First and foremost, I persist with poems
Pressed to personify, push [?]
I'm sharper than an antique piano
Cause my mixtures making 'em eat jambalaya
Serve a dish of the appetizer
For some presume a lot is dope
Once I provide the rhyme kaleidoscope
Your hopes snatch a scope when we collide
Stand aside
You'll pray for spotlights still standing in
While this MC's acronym is mainstream contaminate
A thousand words of mine equate
To an entire photo album
Vegetables I'm arousing
Intellect that circulates like the Internet
Step and you'll play yourself like Solitaire
I know it's not fair
I'm rare like a fat crack head
Even my accapella mental pieces bombs into the back blend
Amplified by what the wack said
Black heads with [?] double meanings and metaphors
And still manage to make sense/cents like an investor
Infect ya
I'll part your lines like the clever Tetris challenger
Averages settle for lesser
While my antidote demotes the kiss of death through the lively peck
Wouldn't scrutinize when caught wreck

[Verse Two: Copywrite]
Suppose you did pose a threat when you're supposed to be illing
With no cause in my past, go through my drawers like nosey children
Sorry chief they lied when they said your verbal bolos hurt
Fuck my camp
I alone got more stripes than my Polo shirts
Making wack tracks, no excuses
Look at them regurgitaters faking jax like Nicholson impersonators
Perpetrators, let's battle
See how hot it gets?
Wack rappers is straight it dumb niggas I got a problem with
I know what you expect to hear
You never dropped science in your life except in your freshman year
I've been rhyming way before Dr. Dre had a Dogg
And even back before The Source became a fashion catalog
Back when I could count my pubic hairs on one hand
And even prostitutes can't fuck with the man

"But mastering it that's what really counts"

[Verse Three: Camu Tao]
In the beginning I was the apex of aviation
Navigating in states of riddles to make the fake widow
And he will commence [?] situation
This MC's density is beyond the common mystery
Etching your resistance sketch a rhyme try to stretch infinity
The English embittered me
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With the remedy to [?] split your symmetry
And 1/4th off in the next rhymes where they add another notch
I rock from here to the Garden of Eden
From the lines of scrimmage my [?] tackles
Swallowing useless rhymes won't make it past the Adam's Apple
Too ill, so I
Rearrange my trade to medicine
Kid they falling off so much you should change your name to Jetison
The better than average lettering veteran
To fulfill the wack destiny
The explainable, unattainable brain wave trajectory
That seeps and it squeaks in the mind of the weak
Peeps I freak discreetly
Yo what if I
Proceed to puncture with my punctuation?
After the [?]
I get a sick sensation of
Carving the names of my victims
In my skin then, pick the scabs and laugh
When the crabs and maggots lick 'em

[Verse Four: Copywrite]
Well respected
A gargantuous part of it is my modesty
No argument, my target is hard to hit like the lottery
It's anesthesia
Kid I'm so deep you can't name all of me
Travelling to depth won't reveal to you
What's been revealed to me
It was a plan given back when I was still a seed
Catch us pissing in the mainstream
Synchronize entire blocks
You stayed off beat for so long I mistook you for a retired cop
Mr. [?] idiosyncrasies immune to writer's block
Took the time to tie the tongues of juggernauts in knots
The weight you're gonna flop will make kamikaze pilots wanna stop
Dark skin dimes universally
Follow the mystique and cling to me
Wanna sing to me
I don't stop 'em
Chronologically I bob and weave without MC's getting even
Spitting venom
You lose faster
So if you were a slave to the rhythm, now you got a new master
One style's ill, damaging crumbs, who's past ya
I let you put me as far back as the letter 'C'
And somehow still manage to come before 'U' like the letter 'T'
I'm there before you change to give pounds and advice
The sixteen ounces of rhymes
You recite don't suffice
You want more advice?
Get off my metaphorical vice
It's capacity 16 tons
But once I hold the mic...
Those 16 tons are maxed out
Since I'm flier, it's only natural that you pass out

[Tage Pronto]
My lines divine niggas mase/dixon dictation Tage hit 'em
Ready to brawl, I've always kept it raw like an AIDS victim
Feeding off your inability
To fathom this artillery explaining in an inexplicable pattern
Play the part of pennies and rubber bands up in your vacuum
Schooling valedictorians in home class rooms
I be the [?] jugular hack
Sack and saddle and starving to consume the moon
My complex got dyslexics misspelling 'noon'
Bringing the horror king to June

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