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Tage Future - Away Message lyrics

[Sample from the motion picture Funny People]:
"So just enjoy this. Enjoy...time. Time slips away, I promise you."

"Time...slips away"

[Copywrite talking]:
Special dedication. This Mhz shit man. Ayo rest in peace to my brother Camu Tao. Tero Smith. Your memory will forever live on. As long as we're here. Shouts to the Smith family

[Verse One] [Copywrite]:
I'm not gettin' any younger, every summer pass
Get a little dumber, every blunt I ash, lit it for my brother
Anything I did smart, I did it for my mother
We'd argue when I was younger, had to quit it cause I loved her
And my dad?
Shit, we all know how I feel about him
Taught me everything, both fake and real about friends
Me? I'm on some Steve Miller shit
That's why Pete's filler shit is heat killer shit
Only speak real as shit
In '98 we World Premiered, persevered, 12 hurtful years
Tero Smith, wish by the world you're here
Some shit I did in life I'd like to correct
Fuck it, when it's time to reflect I want no time to regret
One time I had a dream, a time I fell asleep, I was time traveling
I've got issues
Time magazine
If time had a string, try to hold on to prolong
What's destined say "so long"

"Time...slips away"

[Copywrite talking]:
Ayo Mhz, all day. Fo' life. That's my clique. Here's basically how it went down. Real quick. Quick bio alright. How I remember it

[Verse Two] [Copywrite]:
I knew Jakki first
That's with whom I rhymed first
His church was my church
My mom was his mom and vice verse
Met Camu second in high school we drew sketches
Walk up out school exits, talk about new records
Met Tage, technically in the tenth grade
My brother before movin' away from ma gettin' rent paid
Met RJ one night when our DJ stood us up
Who knew a few years after that he'd be good as fuck?
[Lyrics from: https:/]
A crew that you couldn't touch
Always thought my compadres wouldn't budge

[Tage Pronto/Tage Future]:
Date with Destiny but Beyonce stood us up
Truthfully, nobody in the city as good as us
Google us under 2 Scrupulous, prolly pull us up
The realest stay around
I'd rather push a hooptie that has a Ferrari engine then the other way around
Submission of an author
Fixin' for a slaughter so I'm spittin' much harder
Sprintin' underwater tryin' to chase Father...

"Time...slips away"

[Tage Pronto/Tage Future talking]:
Syllable sigh, hello. Never stops. Few dues been paid. They talk about delayed gratification. Delay us for an hour. Let me tell you what it is

[Verse Three] [Tage Pronto/Tage Future]:
In the A.M. I'm tryin' to teach how to multiply
In the P.M. I'm on the beach tryin' to qualify
Correspondin' with the heat
Can't F.U.X. with me Pete or Jakki
Recession hit harder than Algebra 3
Shit, almost clockin' the same duckets without a degree
But now I'm bum rushin' every axis denied
I decide to ?
Momma tryin' to retire cause she tired
Put the fish back up in the pan, I'm finna re-fry
Hertz first 12 inch, I was on the C-side
Fumed then I bloomed, you in tuned to the Future
Got my own money like Zamunda
Growin' like tumors malignant
Flow ignorant
Surpassin' what you imagine, it's no figment
Vixen used to be blind, now she's throwin' her behind
Entertain it once and then I'm throwin' her the peace sign
I ain't got
We ain't got

"Time...slips away"

[Outro] [Sample from the motion picture Coming To America]:
"And when I say the boy has his own money, I mean THE BOY HAS HIS OWN MONEY."

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