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T Shan - So Gone lyrics

This kush got me so gone
I said this kush got me so gone
Out my mental yes I'm gone
Hit the pedal and I'm gone x2

[Verse 1]
I said I'm so gone you can find me on a milk carton
Dabbing overrated, rather do the carleton
Haters over-saturated, I see the salt kicked in
So infatuated, I need a threesome with the olsen twins
I gotta lotta income, trapping up part-time
Six packs on me like a motherf**in spartan
sh**ting on these b**hes like I never heard of charmin
Claiming that you gang? You reaching for the mountains
All these phony plugs, they a power outage
Always totin guns, I know they not about it
Our city hasn't seen a murder since.. I don't know when
You say you getting money, where the f** it at though?
Never seen you in the streets but I seen you take the bus home
Bought so much tommy, my last name is pickles
Workout in my tommy, im watchin my figer

This kush got me so gone
I said this kush got me so gone
Out my mental yes I'm gone
Hit the pedal and I'm gone x2
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[Verse 2]
Inhale, that k**y in my lungs till I'm coughing
She say, she not the one she don't do this often
The way, she throw it back I can tell she bluffing
Shawty, so superbad got me feelin like mcluvin
Ride me like a wave girl I know you like to surf
Shawty off the clock but she put that a** to work
Butt-naked no make-up, thats how she wake up
But I'm not in bed with her I'm out here chasing paper
We're the same age but she's calling me daddy
Told her when it come monday please do not @ me
And now she's mad at me
These b**hes want a savior and I'm not the guy to save ya
Give a f** about a favor you know saltys a bad flavor
(Whoo!) Five hundred dollars on a night out like its nothing
I got spending problems
I spent thirty thousand in the span of a month and
I gotta couple visions
Making executive decisions
Only 19, bouta start my own business
Money in my stockings, everyday is christmas
Believe your boy is eating all I got is dirty dishes
And if the a** fat imma put her on my hit list
And if the head whack I guess there's other fishes
I got a thing for black gals favorite candy hershey kisses

I wasn't kidding about that line either, man. Black girls, mixed girls, all of em. They all got my heart. Winning

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