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T. Rone - Dial Tone lyrics

[Verse 1: Armyboy]
This boy on the go, can't answer phones
You hit me up you will get the dial tone
Young Armyboy I'm so cold, that's what you should always know
Bout to hit a flow that make people say "Whoa"
So they won't question my music no more
Game on lock, where that key? Permanently inside me
So high you can't Halo Reach, but somehow I'm still running these streets
Music loud, Rapper proud, controlling hundreds and thousands of crowds
That's how military get down, rap is a feast it's time to chow
[Friday skit]
Slow the beat down naw I'm with it, battle me and a grave will be diggin'
The beginning of the ending start with me and he is gonna be the last thing you ever see
Now I've seen just about everything and this life makes me really wanna scream
Nobody understand what a man been through just to get where he at and do what he do
Let's get it man I'm tired of the mess k**ed the rest
Armybizzle bout to take care of the rest
Yes, I'm ahead of my cla** look fast cause I'm spitting the flames that burn the game
You lame people really need to stay in they lane
Got them yelling my name like 2 Chainz
Who ain't better then you cause I am
The boy cool as a fan


[Verse 2: Armyboy]
Talk mess, end it quick
You should know that Armyboy don't play it, but the track I will slay it
No weed but I'm so lifted
Got a person ready to go know matter how it is
No we not Dorrough but my crew get big Oh!
Ain't nobody really ready for Freddy, I stay steady
Gotta be ahead the game just to reach fame, okay
Back in it just so I can ruin yall day
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When I'm in your direction don't come this way
Cause I bang on the beat like a drummer main
Mi so loco tu mejor que yo esta es una no no oh!
I am in it, keep on winning
Never stopping, steady topping
Off I pop it, still hip hopping
Got yall dropping, With the competition I'm mopping
Get to sobbing, You soft cotton
Man your career's what I'm robbing, And 1st place is what I'm copping


[Verse 3: T-Rone]
Ring Ring Ring it's ya boy T-Rone
Just leave me a message or go call home
I got all these b**hes calling my home
But they know they want to follow my bone
All I hear is "DROID" on my phone
Yall dealing with the boy T-Rone
I be repping royalty with the boy in blue
We on top of this thang, we so true
Me and Armybeezy date back to 4th grade
Running this cla** like we obama, getting more money yea we to paid
Like Mary J. Blige no more drama
Tell your girl take care cause I don't want her
She be calling my number like I want her
So I block her number, Serge Ibaka
I be goin' in call me LBJ, I be shining on yall boys like LBA
On the phone with Nicki Minaj call it a booty call
Boy I'm out of here bout to send yall to voicemail T-Rone peace yall

We're sorry your call could not be completed as dialed please check the number and dial again

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