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T. Rone - Dial Tone (The Remix) lyrics

[Intro: Z-Mane]
Y'all already know what is, ha, Z..Mane!
Got the all-stars in here: Royalty Gang and Trotman City Fam
This the remix, let's go!

[Verse 1: Z-Mane]
Hello, who this be? It's that Z.M.A.N.E
Naw, I don't really care what you sayin', G, you should worry 'bout yo girl payin' me
She call the cell, Android, but I think shawty got that iPhone
You try to call, shawty don't answer, n***a, all you get is the dial tone
Dial tone, like Chris Miles, all I do is say her name, then she smile
Yeah, I stay on that grown status, n***a, why you still playin' that V-Smile?
Yo girl's favorite color navy blue so I gotta put that thang on her C-Style
Yeah, you might as well just hang up the phone, my n***a, ha, it's gon' be a while
Army called me for the remix, yeah, okay, I got ya, pimp
Back then, we was grubbin' on Ramen noodles, now a n***a eatin' lobster and shrimp
R.I.P. to Chad, aka The Pimp, below the map but above the rim
I came to Earth, a n***a took over, they might as call me Invader ZIM
It's Royalty Gang or die, n***a, Trotman City or cry, n***a
That Red Bull, yeah, it gives you wings, yeah, why you think we so fly, n***a?
It's Southern Okie, ain't no jokin', it's 4/20, n***a, tell me what you smokin'
Y'all say YOLO, yeah, that's the motto, but get money, n***a, that's the slogan
You see these n***as tryna say somethin', but I can't hear them, they steady chokin'
First, I dive in the swimming pool, then after that, I'm motorboatin'
Well, that's it, that's how it is, the Boy in Blue done did it again
I get money, I get yo girl, I bust on her, Im outta here!

[Verse 2: Phillip Flame]
Ok, I'm back, n***as know that I be rippin' sh**
You n***as be dreamin' but just know that I be livin' it
Money to the ceiling so you know I'm always kickin' sh**
Livin' like I'm 2 Chainz, always ridin' 'round and gettin' it
Hold up, lemme go fast, I ride for my n***as that be ready to gas
Been bein' on the field, so your b**h in my pa**, I got the city on my back, so I'm never at last
When it come to money problems, somethin' I don't have, no time for these hoes, I be chasing the cash
Red dots on your body like your gettin' a rash, I got a rapid income, I be gettin' it fast
Haha, now I know that you can't handle that
This is just a feature so imagine how I really rap
Shouts out to that Armyboy, and T-Rone, yeah, I see you, too
From Daley out to Mark and then Paul and Z-Mane, I got y'all, too
This is for the haters, or should I just say the fakers?
I be ballin' out on n***as like Kobe ball with the Lakers
I mean I'm really a player, so life is really a game
I'm ragin' out on your states while your girl is yellin' out Flame
And I'm strivin' for the fame so you n***as stay in your lane
Cause this beat is goin' insane and that's why they call me the king
Haha, I must be k**in' the game
Cause everytime they hear my verse, they screamin' out Phillip Flame
I'm gone!

[Verse 3: L.B.A.]
Lite Brite stay shi-NING, like the Clipse, I'm grin-DING
Reppin ATL til I die, just like a hawk, I'm fly-ING
k** the track without try-ING, have yo mama cry-ING
Got you quotin Lil Wayne, saying "I feel like dy-ING"
Got the swagger you wish you had, I'm good and you wish you bad
Daley Spear is up in here and now all you haters mad
Snapback turnt to the back, Polo with the jeans to match
Jordan's stay up on my feet, ain't rollin' wit us? Then you wack
Phillip Flame, Z-Mane, Armyboy, and Lite Brite
With T-Rone and Drei Flow, you n***as wrong, so get right
Can't forget about Temp2uece, Switch City, and that young king
Royalty or die, n***a, I think I hear my phone ring

[Verse 4: Temp2uece]
In that thang, it's the boy Temp2uece, k**in' the remix, don't need a noose
Flow got them shocked, you can call me Zeus, a beast from the East, but I'm not Papoose
Well, look at that, four missed calls, not talkin' rim, but yes, we ball
Take battery out, they get shut down, that boy Temp2uece reppin' E-Town
We in this thang, yeah, I'm with it, not apart, then you can witness
The girls can't help but smile when they finally get to hear my lyrics
All-star game with no mistakes, you hungry? Oh well, we ate
Murder the track, yep, I ate, Oklahoma, that's our state
Sharks in the water and y'all team's bait, it's Royalty Gang, we runnin' this race
That boy Temp2uece can't catch the phone, so leave me a message at the tone
Y'all broken like jaw bones, touchdown, stay in the endzone
Out of..this world..let home

[Interlude: Switch City]
Mmm, that was some good sh**, my n***a!
What's up, guys? It's ya boy Switch City and I'm here with my good friend Armyboy, k**in' this dial tone
Oh, hang on a second, I got a phone call
Uh, hella? Oh, yeah, what's up?
Nothin', just rappin' with my n***as
Oh wait, hold on, I'm a pa** the mic to my boy Drei Flow
So yeah, Drei, go ahead and k** this sh**!

[Verse 5: Drei Flow]
Ok, look, it's Drei Flow, I gets green, y'all stay broke
Throwin' up that RGOD, they tell me stop, and I say no
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These n***as hatin', well let 'em hate, they girlfriends callin' my home
I can't believe that Armyboy done called me up for that dial tone
Flow City or no city, I don't mess with girls with no titties
Beanie gang or be hanged, yo style old like them capped fitteds
Royalty is what I reppin, ballin just like Z and Jess
Fake Jordan's, man, never that, y'all catch me swaggin' these O.G. breads
We in this thang, T-Raw, y'all mad cause we raw
She got a donk, yeah, she got an a**, man, all I hear is he-haw
It's Royalty gang or die, n***a, wanna step to us? Don't try, n***a
Y'all true lames, this is true, mane, you ain't never told no lie, n***a
T-Rone, my n***a cold, be k**in' n***as on 2K
And Lite Brite stay shi-NING, the sun be out for like 2 days
King Henry, we gettin' it, yo saliva wack, I be spittin' it
My n***a Z, we straight G's, it's mine, so I'm spendin' it
D-Trotman, whaddup, bro? I never pick up my phone
Got a chick in OK, but got girls in different time zones
It's R.G.T.C.B. and the rest of yall can S.M.D
But tell her to call up the iPhone, but she just might get the dial tone
I'm gone!

[Verse 6: King Henry]
Ugh, first time on the verse
And since it's my time, I ain't got time to curse
Yes, I will k** this verse, it will go down in history
Too bad to you, it's just gonna be a mystery
Yes, my flow is signature and all y'all's flow is miniature
Get out of my perimeter or I'll hit you with the finisher
Visually, lyrically, I'm known as a mystery
And yet every time, I still get the victory
Haters gonna hate but they ain't gonna hate me
There's just gonna hate cause their girls wanna date me
I had dreams of gettin' signed, so every time you hear me rhyme
I guess you're just gonna get jealous every time

[Verse 7: T-Rone]
Ring ring ring, it's ya boy T-Rone
Just leave me a message or go call home
I got all these b**hes... calling my home
But they know they want to... follow my bone
All I hear is "DROID" on my phone
Y'all dealing with the boy... T-Rone
I be reppin' Royalty with the Boy in Blue
We on top of this thang, we so true
Me and Armybeezy date back to 4th grade
Running this cla** like we Obama
Getting more money yea we to paid
Like Mary J. Blige, no more drama
Tell your girl take care cause I don't want her
She be calling my number like I want her
So I block her number, Serge Ibaka
I be goin' in call me LBJ
I be shining on yall boys like LBA
On the phone with Nicki Minaj, call it a booty call
Boy, I'm out of here, bout to send y'all to voicemail, T-Rone, peace yall!

[Verse 8: Armyboy]
*clears throat* Is it my turn? Let's get it!

You know what it is when I step in the buildin', I be k**in', everybody know I am the realest
I be feelin' the beat, so the rap don't stop, like kids on a rope, I'm tryna reach the top
Too hot, let it burn, now what did you just learn? Armyboy took a turn down Road Success
Y'all boys took a left in the dust where you left, now be S.T., that means the best
I was born in the West, so Cali, what it do? But I'm in the OK, ain't nothin' really new
You a fool if you think the crew ain't too cool, I'm ga**ed for life with that unlimited fuel
Keep goin', I cut the beat up, keep mowin', everybody wanna know what Armybizzle be knowin'
How to rap, how to win, then repeat all again, if you sleepin' on me, wake up, lil man!
I'm a really go and get it, spit it because I live it, gotta do it, I'm young and tryna get into it
They really wanna stop me, flow is steady popping (YOU MAD, BRO?) rap is so great, I'm haughty
It's my time, better watch me, get up on the song and then I break bones
If you 'bout to shine, then it won't go long cause Armyboy's 'bout to put an end to it, GONE!
Back on the regular, man, I'm so ahead of ya, if you really wanna stop a brother, get better first
It's insane how we do the game, ya so lame, that people be like, "what's ya name?"
Oh, dang, that's cruel like the summer of G.O.O.D., I don't know why you rap, man, you ain't' good
Ah, naw, how I stand this tall? This the height that you get when you always ball
Ugh, my verse, k** foreal, it's ill, my crew, real and feel the deal
Yo peeps, weak and never beast, you don't really want the beef
Because I'm hungry, believe the beast will eat, never fall, always on my feet
So go home, the crew is on the song, we gone when we hittin' people up with the dial tone!

[Outro: Switch City]
Now, that's what I'm talkin' bout, I like it, big boy!
All my dudes went in: Z-Mane, Phillip Flame, L.B.A
Temp2uece, Drei Flow, King Henry, T-Rone
And Armyboy (WHOO!) it kinda makes me wanna rap a little
Like, Switch City, none can get with me
No, no, but you know what it is
T.C.R.G.B., runnin' this thang like we got 10 legs EACH!

[Closing: Switch City]
We ain't pickin' up the phone, BIIIITTTCCCHHHHH!

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