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T La Rock - Tudy Fruity Judy lyrics

[Verse 1]

It was getting' kinda late, about a quarter to 8
When I reminded myself that I had a date
With Tudy Fruity Judy with the big round booty
The talk of the town as the raving beauty
As she walked down the street
Fellas kneel to their feet
Saying "Praise the lord!" and kissed the concrete
She walked down the street all nice and slow
With the butt swinging around like a bowl of Jell-O
Every step she'd take the ground will shake
The buildings vibrated and the windows will break

Tudy, Fruity, Tudy, Fruity, Fruity, Judy
With the big round booty

[Verse 2]
She continued to roam around New York City
Flaunting her body showing males no pity
Swing and swang her rump left to right
Causing automobiles to stop short at the light
She guaranteed to attract the old and young
With the moving of the hips and the trill of the tongue
Making five guys drool was her idea of fun
She make you sweat out bullets by ma**aging her bum
She wear short mini skirts well above her knees
Make your eyes light up like Christmas trees
She make you melt like butter with one single touch
Wether you were Black, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, or Dutch
Tudy Fruity Judy is just too much


Tudy, Fruity, Tudy, Fruity, Tudy, Judy
With the big round booty

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[Verse 3]
I knew all about Judy and her cute little tricks
Deceiving and misleading all the men just were kicks
She was wilder than an animal with no type of shame
Cause there is no game T La Rock can't tame
I'm very intellectual I must admit
And there isn't a girl that I can't outwit
Is it that Mi-Lo-Wan tryna get in the snatch?
But tonight Judy is finally gonna meet her match
See I'm very energetic have a lust for s**
Can have 3 at a time and fall out of next
In line to rewind for the rest of the night
May the lord be with you if I find you were tight

Tudy, Fruity, Tudy, Fruity, Tudy, Judy
With the big round booty

[Verse 4]
Now it's 10 after 8 and I'm still waiting
While with myself just steady debating
Should I go home or should I stay
Before I could decide guess who was coming my way
No other, my brother, but Tudy Fruity Judy
And, Jesus Christ, she sure was a beauty
The first thing I said was lets go to my place
Not walk, or pace, lets race
She said you don't waste time I like that in a man
And I said I'm glad you understand
Now when I took her to my house I took my very first feel
My sh** got harder than solid steel
I was humping and a pumping on Judy's butt
In 3 quarters of a minute I busted a nut
Oh, thank you Lord for what you giving me
The opportunity to have Judy
Before I reach the age of 31
I'll have 2 pair of twins and 1 grandson
And chill it out y'all for a whole decade
With Judy on my side don't I got it made?

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