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T-Dog - Neighborhood kings lyrics

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Welcome to the hood

Were the king of the hood
Where girls give ya good
We rule the neighborhoods like kings
Much like lord of the rings

Much like the east side
Mira mesa blue is the colour we ride
We own this hood
Makin b**hes do are good
b**h tryin to get raped into the set
Its not like you gon get in with what bet
Yall know we the kings of the neighborhood flyin are colours
k**in everybody's mothers
And all the blood brothers
While the po po hovers
But they can't catch me cuz im the king of the neighborhood

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Nobody takes over
Cuz we cruise in a range rover
Bloods and nortenos keeping their rage clover
With there lives hanged over
We live life like kings
Every family jones, gonzales, torress, johnsons, and mings
Control the whole city of mira mesa
k**in these rhymes like a lyric waster
Anyone who crosses are path gets popped
Probably gets shot
By a Glock
On the block
In the eye sock
With a rock
And piss on you as a mock
So watch the way you walk
And the way you talk
While I put your body on a lot
Closed with a lock


Crip/sureno for life!

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