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T-Dog - Alter Ego War lyrics

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[Yo shouldn't you be doin work,]
Man fucc that ill be makin b**hes twerk
[But they only fourteen
Thier parents gon be mad they on your team]
You think I give a f**?
I thought I k**ed you after skyle left cuz I couldn't have enough
Ill just rape any b**h that comes in my way
[Man you do this all the time you should go the right say
Why you rapin vindictives daughter,)
I dont give a damn ill give a-dicctives slaughters
I dont give a f** if his retarded b**h a** daughter is only four
His whole f**ing family is souly bore
Slapped his sister whore
(Shouldn't you be doin a blister chore
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Before your whole family hate you to the core
What if every time they see you they roar?)
Man Ill k** my family just to get money you know I only live for the block
(C'mon man put away the Glock)
f** no your d**h will be so hazy
(Lets not be crazy)
f** tha- you took out my bullets
Wheres my machete time to molest
(Not f**ing again
Vindictives family had enough blood sent)
Well then ill send more blood to his crack a**
(Can you atleast destroy his rap last?,)
f** no that'll be first
(But thats the worst!)
Whater ill k** you and a-dick-tive

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