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T-Boz - Chuckie Chan (Martial Arts Expert of Reptarland) lyrics

[Verse: Alex Brown (Isaac Hayes)]
If there's a playground to be won
A job to be done
(He'll come sliding to the rescue)
If you been pinned down
By a posse of clowns
(He'll break up the party
Get lost, scram)

[Pre-Chorus 1: Isaac Hayes & Alex Brown]
You never hear him crying
He's brave as a lion
When he jumps into action
His fist start flying

[Chorus: Alex Brown (Isaac Hayes)]
Here comes Chuckie Chan (Here comes Chuckie Chan)
He's always ready
When there's danger at hand
Here comes Chuckie Chan (Here comes Chuckie Chan)
Martial arts expert
Of Reptarland

[Post-Chorus: Isaac Hayes]
Chuckie Chan
Chuckie Chan
Better watch it
He'll bust you up

[Pre-Chorus 1]
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[Verse: Alex Brown (Isaac Hayes)]
When the lights go dim
It's not a problem for him
(I pity any monster underneath his bed)
Well he can stare into the eye
Of the oatmeal guy
(Chuckie doesn't lose his head)
If you've been chased around
By a kung-fu chopping clown
(He'll come swinging to the rescue)
If your rituals been attacked
By a samurai pack
(He'll break up the party)

[Pre-Chorus 2: Isaac Hayes & Alex Brown]
You don't have to worry
He's got fist of fury
His master full karate kicks
Turns right into chopsticks


Look out suckers


He's da man!

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