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T-Boz - Give it to Me While It's Hot lyrics

I'm burnin' up
It's time to turn it up
Get in the middle and stir it up
Give it to me while it's HOT (hot hot hot)
Step up your game
Cause I'm too crunk to be tamed
Now that you've sparked the flame
Give it to me while it's HOT

I know that you like it when
I go in and out again
Can't catch my breath
As sweat rolls down my face
I'm lookin' down at you
How you do the thing you do
And I scratch your neck
And my eyes roll back for you (ah)
Oh baby


Don't answer the telephone
Shut the windows
Lock all the doors
Need no interruptions now
Something's 'bout to be goin' down
I want you to focus on
Our body temperature I'm burnin' up
I want you to give me all your love
Till I can't take it no more

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Must (must)
We play these games (play these games)
Tell me that you want me more
And I will turn the notches up on high
Lovin' you can't deny
Baby I got that fire
I got (oooh oooh)
Give it to me while it's HOT

Not furious just curious
She saw himself fit
Who better than a boy
The girl grew up with
How 'bout the walks in the park
On the phone all night
Dreams like that she saw in plain sight
To his friends he's urgin'
The simple fact she's a virgin
To her he'll be urgin'
Sexually lets merge
As you can see
There's two different dreams
Her thoughts are so pure
His low as the floor




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