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T B - Again & Again lyrics

[Verse 1:TB]
Yesterday is gone
ring the alarm
its time to wake up like Syrian children getting chemically bombed
in the middle of the night waking up to a toxic fog
beneath it all somehow the government is involved?
in 1999 Canada aided Albanians
when they were getting slaughtered by the hundreds on their own country land
by the military forces that took aim at children women and men
again and again
kids being shot to pieces
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some women were raped
they came to Toronto Hamilton and Edmonton as refugees for survival sake
had the option to stay or leave and go back home
after things changed in Kosovo
some went back
some people stayed and become Canadian citizens raising family in their new found home creating new Canadian stats
this needs to be thought about when dealing with the Syrian crisis at hand
and if and when necessary
implemented , again and again
again and again

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