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SZA - Supermodel lyrics

I'm writing this letter to let you know
I'm really leaving
And no I'm not keeping your sh**
Heard you got some new homies
Got some new hobbies
Even a new hoe too
Maybe she can come help you
Maybe she can come lay do
After we're done
What's done is done
I don't want nothing else to do with it

Let me tell you a secret
I been secretly banging your homeboy
While you were in Vegas
All up on Valentine's Day

Why am I so easy to forget like that
It can't be that easy for you to get like that

Oh no she didn't
Ooh yes I did
Oh no she didn't
I'll do it again

Leave me lonely for prettier women
You know I need too much attention
For sh** like that
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You know you wrong
For sh** like that

I could be your supermodel
If you believe
If you see it in me
See it in me
See it in me

I don't see myself
Why I can't stay alone just by myself
Wish I was comfortable just with myself
But I need you
I need you
I need you

Ooh just get a load of them
They got chemistry
All they could say
We like brother and sister
Look so good together
Bet they f**in' for real

And they was right
That's why I stayed with ya
The—the dick was too good
It made me feel good
For temporary love
You was a temporary lover

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