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SZA - Supermodel lyrics

I'm writing this letter to let you know
I'm really leaving
And no I'm not keeping your shit
Heard you got some new homies
Got some new hobbies
Even a new hoe too
Maybe she can come help you
Maybe she can come lay do
After we're done
What's done is done
I don't want nothing else to do with it

Let me tell you a secret
I been secretly banging your homeboy
While you were in Vegas
All up on Valentine's Day

Why am I so easy to forget like that
It can't be that easy for you to get like that

Oh no she didn't
Ooh yes I did
Oh no she didn't
I'll do it again

Leave me lonely for prettier women
You know I need too much attention
For shit like that
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You know you wrong
For shit like that

I could be your supermodel
If you believe
If you see it in me
See it in me
See it in me

I don't see myself
Why I can't stay alone just by myself
Wish I was comfortable just with myself
But I need you
I need you
I need you

Ooh just get a load of them
They got chemistry
All they could say
We like brother and sister
Look so good together
Bet they fuckin' for real

And they was right
That's why I stayed with ya
The—the dick was too good
It made me feel good
For temporary love
You was a temporary lover

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