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The f** is you thinkin, my head is sinking, oughta skin you f**ers, tryna claim you demons Never not again, botherin, every second n***as up Tired of givin f**s, I run up on ya bucks If we got an issue, you gave in ya luck Everyday impatient, the drought is enough f** you yellin bout? Why you drinkin my nut? Never makin sense, I put that on my blood The hell never ends, f** makin amends, I shred all your plans, in front of your friends Ya only defense, is you feelin tense If I gave a f**, the planet will end Super convenient, timing I needed Nothing for 2 years, never repeating f** all the static, f** all the dreamin f** all these kitties, I step on you creatons I hate all you f**ers, aye I will sh** right on ya face

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