Sy Ari Da Kid - Wire Transfer From Birdman lyrics

Feat : Birdman

(Intro: Birdman)
Yeah. Sitting on this mountaintop, big rocks on this hill. Peeping at this sh** go in and out. How the game done changed, and how you got to change with the game. It's called longevity

(Verse: Sy Ari Da Kid)

Road life, I'd rather be with my family
Ask Mannie, I feel alseep at the Grammys
Maybe 'cause I wasn't nominated
Yup, then I left early an hour later
It's hard to dominate when you ain't obligated
Northside Ronald Reagan plus Obama baby
n***a, I ain't got to pretend
I can't begin with them problems, I got a problem with them
And I'm a god with the pen, I did that sh** without a pen
While you was watching "Get Out" I figured out how to get in
They see me with Birdman, like "Why you signing with him?"
I mean, there ain't too many n***a as solid as him
I mean, Bird and Slim gave me everything I ask for
What's to be mad for?
Maybe I should brag more
More stamps in my pa**port
Yeah, you broke n***a, you past poor
Cash Money plug still where the loves real
6 figures for all my producers pub deals
I can't say, "Can all producers get paid?"
'Cause I all my producers got paid
Facts, and we are not [?]
Swim against them sharks n***a, we don't ride waves
Aye, different loyal n***as, same business
You ask me and I'll tell you, "that's him and Wayne's business."

Stop gossiping get a check first
Stop googling n***as net worth
We all rich ain't got to be on Forbes list
Who's to say we pay everyone we do songs with
Even I'm guilty as he
Ask Bobby Will how many different beats they done sent to me
How many that I paid for, how many that I did for free
Who keep it real as me?
'Cuz the bond that we got here is more than dollars
We never had them problems
They know if they ask me for anything, they know I got them
They know being loyal to each other is the only option
They know if that money on the table we gonna divide it
Ask about me, take that money, ain't just rappin bout it
Epic still owe me for some sh** we did on Travis album
Shout to Travis $cott, that n***a gave me opportunity
So he forever cool with me
Study the Art of War, I'm collecting from all of y'all
I'm like Juhova Witness, I'm going door to door
f** it, I mean this what we pay our lawyers for
Since when do starters communicate with the waterboys?
Riding to the Carter 1 swerving like a vulture
I8 doors open like I'm working out my shoulders
Ballin', I'm forever number one
So tell LaVar Ball I'm think better than his son
Never run. n***a 2oon. (Too Soon)

(Outro: Birdman)

Big paper sh**. Holiday sh**. You there be times but... you just got to go for it. f** who don't like it and f** who hating on you. You understand me? Better you than me, n***a. It's simple. RichGang f** them n***a who been hating'. Big money sh**. We talkin' loud and we live it. We talkin' loud and we live it

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