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Swipey - R.I.C.O. Freestyle lyrics

Squad Boyz
Aye aye
Bow imma get hit with that R.I.C.O

[Verse 1]
n***as switched up on me tried to snake me hit me with that R.I.C.O
Dirty Swipe a dirty taliban i hang with dirty migos
Dirty swipe i'm with two trifelin i might just go nut in a migo
She a slut she gon f** for a kilo
Just look at me now b**h i started from zero

Friendly neighborhood hero
I do this sh** for my people
The sh** that i do is illegal
Squad boy i'm fly like an eagle

n***as hating just know that i see you
Don't let the look i give deceive you
On murder, i don't see no evil
Told my blood brother, bro i bleed you

n***as fight over b**hes like Nicki known as nicki minaj is a Trinidadian-born American rapper and songwriter
To be honest that sh** just don't fit me
If i f** then bro f**ing her with me
Thats your man but he playing you fifty

Unless that b**h look like Rihanna
Then i f** and you f** her tomorrow
She gon go, she gon come back like karma
Like Future let's f** up some commas

Your b**h digging my parsauna
She think i'm hotter than some lava
Pockets on big momma
n***as biting swag like piranha

Heard they sleeping on me like pajamas
But they don't really want no drama
They don't want to wake the monster
Im a boss n***a eating pasta

Steak with noodles, shrimp, and lobster
I swear i could've been a doctor
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Got caught with grams in my locker
Whip game to proper

Trap house trying to prosper
Beat the pack like a boxer
Balling hard need a sponsor
Lean f**ing up my posture

Designer frames you can see them on me
b**hes fan me off like a bee was on me
Imma take her out, shopping spree is on me
If you feeling froggy guess the tea is on me

YSL you can smell it on me
Hot boy why you telling on me?
Tell the truth, why you welling on me?
Go bestfriend, keep that felon on me

Imma k** it from start to finish
Keep my name in they mouth like a dentist
In the kitchen boy i turned to a chemist
Big Swipe, squad boy lieutenant

Skinny n***a but my pockets the thickest
Ask the nurse im so one of the sickest
Get that pack i turn it one of the quickest
n***as hoes, still flexing for b**hes

I am not like them, i am a misfit
Mostly rap n***as they on my sit-list
Better yet, they on my hitlist
My life a movie and you don't wanna miss this

I got my white chicks throwing a b**h fit
I put my phone up and sccrr take a quick flick
Ride through light up your block like it's christmas
Blue hundreds only thing on my wishlist

They ain't f**ing with us man
Squad boyz
Damn, Bow!
Hit me with that R.I.C.O
Aye aye
Damn damn

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