Swipey - Instagram Goals lyrics

Instagram Goals lyrics


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[Hook] Pull up car ain't go no roof, All my shooters they gon' shoot Bad b**h it's nothing new, If she cute I call her boo I'm gon' Cash Out on some juice I'm gon' Cash Out on some shoes I f** b**hes by the two's, Taking molly off the boot I need Lean got the flu, We be wildin' like the zoo Lean got me like Whoaaa, Baby we could take it slow You know how that sh** go, doing shows on the road Give a f** about these hoes, yeah We the Instagram Goals, yeah [Verse 1] f** these hoes, I don't care yeahyeah f**in' pulling on your hair yeahyeah OG smoke is in the air yeahyeah They could smell it everywhere yeahyeah They gon' have to stop and stare yeahyeah Feel my presence when I'm there yeahyeah Came in flexing with my bros, remember we was sharing clothes, Designer sh** on all my toes I would never sell my soul, trynna get a pot of gold Boy your new b**h looking old I know how that sh** go Gotta tote at all my shows n***as want me in a hole, trynna touch me like they bold Money old, Money mold I'm just stuck on money moooo They not sticking to the code, where was you when sh** was cold I can feel it in my soul, Imma get it til' I'm old They gon' pay me like they owed, I'm gon Cash Out on some clothes [Hook] [Verse 2] We the Instagram Goals yeahyeah Cameras flashing gotta pose yeahyeah Even though she do the most yeahyeah Every Wednesday make the post yeahyeah p**y shaped just like a Rose yeahyeah p**y dripping down your clothes yeahyeah Baby keep that p**y shaved, I'm gon' have to misbehave Remember b**hes used to walk away, Now they wanna stop and wave Swag surfin' catch the wave, Beat the pack just like a slave I'm just tryn see better days, free my n***as out the cage Pull up with a 12 Gauge, don't nobody feel the rage We ain't on the same page LukeyLuke ain't get to see this age That sh** cut me like a blade, wish my brother could've stayed I know he see us on the stage, every show like a parade And one day we gon' have it made Twistin' jays like a Braid [Hook]

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