Swala Row - Wordplay lyrics

Wordplay lyrics


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[Verse 1 - Swala Row] Yo When I proceed to choke men I cave they whole f**ing inner throat in Leave them choking on those weak, rap rhymes they quoting Voice broken, they frozen in front of the golden spokesman My voice reloading and blowing to let you know I'm chosen The flow overflowing with colons which means it keeps going Bulldozing city walls like a f**ing Trojan I'm too cold and, tsunami triggers blowing, something that leaves origami n***as folding And how we rolling? Two or three Kelly Rowlands My swag sharper than a f**ing clothes pin From the top no joking I see ya'll scoping, approaching And yeah you about to close in, and lord knows when But lord knows then I be holding the 4 fin Exploding comets like it's Avatar Sozen Haters croaking, body soaking, I'm finished but still locing Because it's Row so, here we go again, uh [Hook] Aye, ayo I k** them with the wordplay You got to feel him with the wordplay Know why? Because I'm the illest with the wordplay [Verse 2 - Swala Row] Naw you don't want to war bruh I send you on that midnight train to Georgia I slaughter you because I'm a slaughterer I don't trade, exchange, or bargain no I'm not a barterer But my pen goes crazy at the thought of you And I handle my own when I'm alone in the zone And construct a f**ing poem guarantees me the throne And I treat it like my home point the chrome at your dome Just to prove you a n***a that was born with b**h chromosomes I want it all like a dick wants a**, like the hulk wants smash Like a nerd wants cla**, but also like a loser wants last It's effortless because I do what I do to the d**h of this not checking with Haters disrespecting it, neglecting it I'm out for the Love not the Pekovic but still pull a weapon quick And I got a weapon list that will leave your a** weaponless King of the Chi, who's repping this? I Amongst guys I'm the best of it, so take notes like a receptionist When I waltz in the building, start recking sh** And just for the record list I'm reckless, define shine check my necklace Cross that fine line and you next b**h I rhyme with the talent I was blessed with to knock a n***a senseless Defenseless, excuse me I had to vent sh** I ain't mean to dirt dick n***as, leave them s**less (damn) [Hook] Yo, ayo I k** them with the wordplay You got to feel him with the wordplay Know why? Because I'm the illest with the wordplay [Verse 3 - Chriz J] Yeah, it's like I'm spasmatic on these bad crackers My task at hand will it devour every sim May all enemies flee from the vicinity Erased my God's hand, the grace of insanity Riddle me, kiddely trying to get rid of me Doors can't lock hard enough to go ahead and seal me see? I'm one mind, a bird's view ain't high enough I need the Sears Tower just to feel enlightment Confusion stupid you know how I do this Fusions, contusions in all my illusions All around while my rhyme schemes are looping So much to do kid just to focus on that new ish Mind over matter, what's the point of feeling guilt when it's after? And my poker face was dealt, why do I feel like a billionaire? Yes I'm feeling oh so good, me and Swala Row chill chilling in the hood I'm North Pole, connect on the sleigh ride My flow too cold I need to chill for a second Why waste time? I got to get back on my grind Crizzy Babe I'm back on the same thing New Mill or die and I put that over everything

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