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Super Mario logan - J-fee's WHY rap lyrics


Hey, Daddy, I smack these hoes
I stuck my peepee in some cheerios
I got a pencil in my nose and, I
Beat my diaper everywhere I go

Like to hop hop like a bunny
I pooped my pants, and now it's runny
I go UH UH, you think that's funny?
I stuff my diaper with all my money!

(Jeffy!) Why, why?
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(Jeffy don't do that!) Why, why?
(Jeffy, eat your green beans.) Why, why?
(Jeffy, don't poop your pants!) Why, why?

CAT PIANO SOLO! (repeated meows)
(Jeffy stop that!) (long pause) Why?

Got a helmet on top of my head
Spank my peepee until it was red!
Eat green beans, I'd rather be dead!
It's 10 o' clock and I'm ready for bed

Hey Daddy, I just uh
Showed you how to poop on the track. So uh
I'm going to bed. I got my carrots on, got my bunny suit on. I'm ready for bed

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