Supa Hot Fire - The Rap Battle [Parody] Pt. 1 lyrics

The Rap Battle [Parody] Pt. 1 lyrics


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[Intro] You know where we at, it's primetime rappin', so lets go head and get into it Got our challenger over here, 225 is that area code or somethin', put that on map quest T-Steak, uh lets go head and get it to our main man, the champion himself, no need for introduction, SUPA HOT FIRE! First of all I'm not a rapper So lets go a head get into this little coin toss here, good luck Ay you know what I do, heads, you know how I go Yup tails Ay, ay, ay, I go first, ay, ay, tell'em, tell'em When it comes to Supa Hot he goes first What is this? [Verse 1: Supa Hot Fire] Check me out I broke up with my ex girl, here's her number Psych, thats the wrong number! Sweet dolla tea from McDonalds, I drink that Super Hot Fire, I spit that 2 and a half men, I watch that! (I'm not a rapper) Aight check me out Gla**es, jacket, shirt Call me gla**es, jacket shirt-man Or call me Supa Hot boy, hundred degrees, leather jacket Cause I'm Supa Hot boy! (I'm not a rapper) [Verse 2: B-Bone] Is this what they put me up against, Supa Hot, I never heard of you I'm lookin at him, like is he stupid, I'm bout' to murder you My crew ain't waiters, but still servin' you I'm like shaq, I get fouled and then he's back to drop 32. (Shots!) Your girl always confuse my john with a spoon, pops Yeah she's tall enough to ride, Knotts I got the 2, but for you I keep the merchandise at the shops They told me I had to battle, I was like this is who they set up I'm like naw it can't be, this must be a setup [Verse 3: Supa Hot Fire] First of all, I'm not your friend, so stop lookin' at me Second of all, I'm not a rapper, so stop rappin' at me I'm bout to end this man's whole career, but I'm not a rapper Look, boom, bam, bop, bada bop, boom, Pow!

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