Supa Hot Fire - The Rap Battle 2 lyrics

We Back, it's prime-time rappin'
We got a new challenger though
Mute Spittah!
Calm it down, calm it down, calm it down, calm it down
It's not about Mute Spittah today, We know what we came here for
The champion, our main-man, gla**es, jacket, shirt
Supa Hot Fireee!(But I'm not a rapper)
He's not!

Alright yo we got the magical penny right here, heads & tails does it well
Na we not gon' do that
Oh, you know the rules, Supa Hot goes first
He always does this man...
Na not today, It's on you Mute

[Verse 1: Mute Spittah]

[Verse 2: Supa Hot Fire]
I never take showers
Without a loofah
Hot Fire

Don't forget the SUPAAA!!!

[Verse 3: Mute Spittah]

[Verse 4: Supa Hot Fire]
Look, Two eyes
One Nose, boop
Mute Spittah, zero loses
Verus Supa Hot
Now that's the (wrong numbah!)
Debit Cards
I swipe that!
The weather
I check that!
After a win
I take that

Thats It, Primetime Rappin'
Supa Did it again!
Wins, No losses
(But I'm not a rapper)

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