Sunrise Skater Kids - Trigger Warning lyrics

Trigger Warning lyrics


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[Intro] La (x40) Let's go! [Verse 1] Hanging with my pals No care in the world We're making memories but Then I see this girl I ask her on a date She tells me that sounds good I'm gonna make her night Cause I'm a cla**y dude She said, “Do you have what it takes to be a feminist?” I said, “Sure! Let me join you on your quest for social justice!” [Chorus] In the sun, I've never felt so happy With my friends, there's always joy around me All good vibes, no bad ones in the first place Never ever gonna leave my safe space [Verse 2] Couple weeks go by She's always super pissed She doesn't think the same As a normal feminist I start to learn a lot About all these new things Men deserve to die because Of the patriarchy I said, “This sounds far-fetched but I guess I'll do as you say” She said, “Scum! How dare you doubt my logic in any way!” (I guess she's right) [Chorus] [Verse 3] Walking down the street I look right at this girl She's pretty freaking hot Let's make sure that she knows [Breakdown] *whistle* - What did you just Say!? - I... It was a whistle... - Did you just oppressed my girlfriend right in front of me!? - Chillout it was j... - You cisgendered, hyper-privileged bigot! (WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO, STOP! PLEASE, HELP ME!) This is the end for you Rot in hell you kink-shaming cla**ist Choke on your words and throw yourself into a burning furnace Perpetuation of the cis-head supremacy You male-normative, close-minded rapist Go play in traffic (Look man, take it easy... MAN, Did you just a**ume my gender?! Oh, God, please...) Watch your micro-aggressions I have been triggered, blegh Deluded, chauvinistic, misgendering, middle-cla** Binary-normative, crosse-dresser stigmatizing, h*mophobic Thin-privileged, rape-culture sympathizing, hyper-masculine kyriarchist Acknowledge the fox-kin (- In conclusion, I hope you'll die alone - What is this words mean? - Alright, where were we?) [Chorus] [Outro] La (40x)

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