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Sunny Heights - The Night lyrics

[Intro:Jhene Aiko]
Then baby you must be an angel
Cause when the light, hits you just right
One could mistake you for a star
That is exactly what you are..

[Verse 1:Dreadhead Schoolboy]
I use to pop up on you at the mall each day
Working on your shifts I never ask what time is your break
Working for two Journeys how you stay awake throughout the day
And keep that angel face i have to chase when you walk away
Well that's show business and work business I guess
I'm so impress with your best and you say you showing less
You say that man at your school look s**y with his chest
Dancing around well your him to me no homo think less
Of the physical but mental
Listen to the instrumental
I compare it to your beauty your look has music in its' potential
So rare of a subject never mind it's the adjective
Because you describe exquisite and everything that it has in it
I already know how you feel about relationships
But girl i'll take you on a ship so we could build relation
Well once I get the money I can take you on vacation
We can visit the Voodoo With Namir he'll say we're dating
But you work so

[Hook:Jhene Aiko]
Then the night takes over, and you are nowhere to be found
Your face in broken pieces, don't you look down

[Verse 2:Young D]
You my reflection but you reflect a better side of me
You ordered perfection but it came with a side of me
You said it's alright with me
That you were fine with me
Said you my perfection
You my first blessing
Think about it so much you would have though it was my profession
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I Know that, I know that, I know that i said it
You my reflection but you reflect a better side of me
Said it was perfect even when we don't try to be
But there's always complications Especially when you lie to me
It wasn't perfect but we made it worth it
I swear women's curse is
Birth with no purpose
Totally worthless to a father that ain't worth it
Been afflicted by it so I pray to God that you heard this
I don't care what he say baby girl you're perfect
And any man who say you not then they ain't worth it
Just know they can't hurt this
Girl that's perfect


[verse 3:Dreadhead Schoolboy&Young D]
Who you are is the biggest factor
Not because your a actress and I'm an actor
Because then what happens, what happens after
The drama is over what are we after
I'm after the experience
Not looking in to serious
But I will get so serious
You treated bad I'm furious
Ezra will beat me up if I get out of hand
So what you say you want to try this if so here's my hand
Go and take it
But be patient
Not too patient because I leaned from waiting
Too long the chance pasted
Moved on You changing fast
But I didn't Still here
I know you use to call Amir
To ask him stuff but all of it I hear
But now we can't see you I guess you disappeared

[Hook X2]

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