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Sunny Heights - Prisoners Poetry lyrics

[Verse 1: Reef Hustle]
Now if I said I play illegal
I ain't gotta impress the people
Dressed in my street clothes, and the mink to caress the ego
And oh yes thats me though
Army jacket, status in peacoats
Skully or Pele no pencil jeans, we dont freak those
I tell these freak hoes
Wanna peek then peep through a peak hole
Not for nothing, this dick is production
Sing to this beat yo
Why these n***as hating on me, bro?
Stayed in my lane, sharing the pain with the Jesus Trito[?]
The preacher prayin' from the ER
My brother did ten got deported back to Los Mina
My other brother locked in the feds, did 5 on the VI
I'm sitting here stressed with a quarter, water and pizza
My skin colour, was born to do a f**in' bid
I'm in the great pen state the way I touch these kids
You won't get rich by being honest
They divide us in the promise
Its the cries of the Obamas

[Skit: Black Ice]
When you look at me and my brothers what's your first impression?
Does the sight of us leave you guessin or do you understand the stressin
The aggression, the look of no hope on me and my n***as faces
Like the lord overlooked us when he handed down his graces
You see embraces, fall short on the numb tips of street entrepreneur fingers
Still stuck in the walls of the project halls where the coke smell still lingers
External blingers is all we can be
Cause on the inside we been given nothin to shine on

[Verse 2: Fred The Godson]
I'm free but I'm sitting in prison
Shaped in a form of a prism
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I'm trying to escape
I put them onto my wisdom
I wanna, My wrong decisions
Cause knowing the answer ain't showing them long division
It's a difference itself
You can't be thinking for self
People, they follow your footsteps
They mimick you the minute you finish getting your look, yep
I ramble about the gamble
It's coupe in the cut, scandals I'm supen' em up
Campbell's don't interrupt
A man who erupt and can f** it up wit the evils turn into shambles
Tryna tell these young n***as
Before Vick
There was a Randall
Before Kobe
There was a Jordan
Before Jordan
There was a Doctor
Life's a b**h, And I was right at the door
But I couldn't knock her
I ain't tryna C murder my brother like Silkk the Shocker
But salute, cause if you force me to shoot ya, I'm gon rock ya
You know the rhetoric n***a, and I'm ahead of it
96 Acura legend it's the way legends spit

[Skit: Black Ice]
And a record deal's harder to get than coke, so my n***as get they grind on
Cause the TV tells us, aim high n***a, make all goals lateral
But that takes paper that we don't have
So n***as put they souls up as collateral
Now, some n***as reclaim 'em, some blame 'em, make an excuse to sell 'em
But when a n***a goes from not doin to doin, what can you tell him?
Not to be a n***a? sh** I gots to be a n***a, that's how I pay the bills
And I'mma do that whether I got to sling this coke or exploit these rhyme sk**s
See America makes you an opportunist, and at the same time they institutionalized

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