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Suli Breaks - What Is Beauty? lyrics

What is beauty?
Beauty is saying “f** You To Society”
Because beauty is not perfect
Neither is it shirtless
Beuty is not putting the ball in the basket
It's Kobe Bryant shimming to the left, right, missing the target
But then coming up court
Taking the same shot from the same spot regardless
Sexy is not beautiful
But Beauty is s**y
Beauty is not, reminding me of the sunshine in the morning
Beauty is making me smile when it's raining
Beauty, apparently come from what you see inside a person's soul
But as humans what do we really see.
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Visions don't allow us to see past the ma** composition of tissue, water, fat muscle and bone.
So some of the most “beautiful” people I have ever known
End up alone?
Because beauty is cheated on, abused, unappreciated, misunderstood
Beauty is that bird in the hand, that was let go of for those two in the bush

A lot of people ask me about haters and bullies
Listening, hating is nothing new,
Satan hating on Adam is the reason he convinced him into picking the forbidden fruit
Bullies are losers,
There's always something you have that, they want
Whether it's intelligence, sk** or confidence in being who you are, different from everyone else
Find what that thing is, and make sure you get better at it,
Coz that's what's gonna separate you from everyone else in this life
That's what makes you beautiful.

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