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From the moment she walked in I was moving like a low paid extra in the walking dead Because she had me acting like a zombie. Is this what they meant when they said if looks could k**? Because her eyes were a dark shade of suicide. My first thought was that I need her “cell” number. Since either I was fellow prisoner in her world Or she was a serial k**er that just skipped bail for k**ing many other n***as like me. Because those eyes were concealed weapons. I guess no one ever today her that “Black Lives Matter”. If murder is what she wrote Then I was bookworm, And I was even willing to pay for Amazon extra to get that sh** one day earlier. You see I had met many girls like her, but then again I had never met any girls like her. If girls are made from sugar and spice and everything nice, She was made from sugar, spice and everything twice. But my boy once got stung by a bad B*itch, so I know you can have an allergic reaction to love. So was every text message sent "Yo" The opening line to a suicide note? Was I walking down the aisle Or the green mile? Was I reading my vows or my eulogy? Was it Man up or man down? Rudeboys don't fall in love… But sometimes, we forget to tie our shoe lace And end up tripping into it. Maybe that's why as kids it was always easier for us to wear velcros. Of course we have hearts we aren't scarecrows, But sometimes were scared though. When u come from a place where, You seen gunshots and cumshots, You learn to think twice about who you put your trust in. So sometimes I look at my wife I wonder if I was looking at my a**a**in, undercover disguised as heaven. Are we both ticking time bombs just waiting to happen? Like Mr and Mrs Smith, get her before she gets me. Like should I resurrect the pimp in me, So just in case she ever decide to shoot, he can take the bullet for me! Since I got that viral disease, And it seems these hoes don't mind being infected. So their sliding into my DMs like I'm a sales a**istant at Doctor Martins. And it makes me realise that love is like heaven We all want to believe it exists But very few of us are willing to die to prove that it actually does. Is that why were we afraid to commit to the sacrifices required to get there? And since am still breathing, am I one of the lucky ones? Rudedoys don't fall in love. Was that's all lie? Or is this just survivors guilt?

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