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Styl-plus - Iya basira lyrics

This na one buka wey I dey like to go
The food sweet sote e go make your mind blow, day and night iya bas how she do am I no know
They think say na jazz, my broad no be so

People people make una come o
Iya basira e don jazz me o, ooo
Everybody helep save me o
I no dey sabi chop ati my moda or my girlfriends place
People People make una come o
Iya basira e go k** me o, ooo
Everybody helep save me o
I no dey sabi chop again my moda or my girlfriends food

Long throat na food go k** you-no be so, I say na food go k** you - oga mi no be so

Wettin dey be say e get one day wey I say I go play go see my paddy Sunday
Na so I reach there but Sunday e don high on beer luckily for me him junior broad eye e clear
He say make we stroll to the area, little did I knw that I was strolling to my burial
Right there were oshodi bus dey load was a little buka close to the mainroad
I laf when e pa** the door, e tell me say hin name na Iya bas for short but I bow when e order
Iwesiatewa, ero mm purewater not even mineral. I come gree say I go manage to chop am
Before I realize I dey order 2nd round, 3rd round, 4th round, I never still stop
Wetting iya basira e give me chop?
Repeat chorus

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Long throat, na food go k** you, na food go k** you

Oga mi, you think say na play when I say na the way wey I dey, e no day ok
Wetting be your own advice, I don dey steal my paddy money to buy iya basira rice
Even on my girlfriend birthday when she dey wait make I take am to ocean view
I no know when I pa** the place, the only thing wey dey my mind na Iya basira palm oil stew
Ah! Kilon kilon shele shele me I never see this kind juju, telle telle
All those wey go vex kpele kpele, but I hear say Iya basira na.......
I sure say still I go go there go sidon, order my first round move
To 2nd round, 3rd round 4th round I no dey ever stop wetting iya basira come give me chop?
Repeat chorus

Officer abeggi follow me to the palce, everybody don telli me I dey craze
My girlfriend don leave me my moda no gree see me my paddy ah! Iya basira e don k** me. (x2)
Oya people, people make una stop officer e don come
Where the woman, hin dey inside, (oga I dey come)
Woman na wetting you dey give people chop wey dey cause all this wahala casala, oya make we talk
Oga sir true to God, nothing wey I dey put for the food wey I dey cook, na God dey make am good
Na which kind talk be that, say na God dey cook the food abi you think say I be fool no be juju you dey put
Infact I dey suspect say na.... You wash put sote people dey queue come dey rush for your stew
Well to confirm am bring am make I chop small. Give me fufu 90 naira plus that soup wey dey draw
Chaii correct this food sweet no be small shey una no go vex if I still order for more
Officer no worry na the food be this
Oya people, people make una go, case dismiss

Repeat chorus 2 times

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