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Stuck In Kaos - Sweet Misery lyrics

You keep hangin' around
Staring at me
I'm safe but not sound
I'm safe from what's seen
You couldn't have known
The betrayal to be
You have been through enough
But the worst, the worst is yet to be seen

You watched yourself, Bleed
Watch yourself, God help me
I can't do, a thing
I'm stuck here in my misery
I cry out again
I cry out, but no one hears me
Could this be the end
Man Made Misery

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Was it hard to collapse his sweet head
Did you act surprised
When they told you he was dead
A lifetime of pain, I hope for you
Your locked in your cage and your lucky
Lucky I can't get to you!

'Repeat Chorus'

Denied your life
Sweet Misery, Inside

Resting in peace, or so it seems
Your still in my thoughts, your still in my dreams
Things fade away, dissolve into time
A piece of me you have, your still in my mind
'Repeat Chorus'

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