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Stuart Robertz - By the Time I Get to Arizona lyrics

[Intro: Sister Souljah]
This is Sister Souljah
Public Enemy, Security of the First World, and all allied forces
Are traveling west to head off a white supremacy scheming
To destroy the national celebration of Martin Luther Kings birthday
Public Enemy believes that the powers that be in the states of New Hampshire and Arizona have found psychological discomfort in paying tribute to a black man who tried to teach white people the meaning of civilization. Good luck brothers, show 'em what you got

[Verse 1]
I'm counting down to the day deserving fitting for a king
I'm waiting for the time when I can get to Arizona
Cause my money is spent on the goddamn rent
Neither party is mine, not the jacka** or the elephant
20,000 n**y n**y brothers in the corner
Of the cell block but they come from California
Population is none in the desert and sun
With a gun cracker running things under his thumb
Staring hard at the postcards, isn't it odd and unique
Seeing people smile wild in the heat?
120 degrees, cause I want to be free
What's a smiling face when the whole state's racist?
Why I want a holiday? Damn it, cause I wanna
So what if I celebrate it standing on a corner
I ain't drinking no 40, thinking time with a nine
'Til we get some land, call me the trigger man
Looking for the governor, huh? He ain't lovin' ya, ha?
But here to trouble ya, he's rubbin' ya wrong
Get the point and come along, and he can get to the joint
I urinated on the state while I was kicking this song
Yeah, he appear to be fair
The s**er over there, he try to keep it yesteryear
The good ol' days, the same ol' ways that kept us dyin'
Yes: you, me, myself, and I indeed
What he need is a nosebleed
Read between the lines, and then you see the lie
Politically planned... But understand, that's all she wrote
When we see the real side that hide behind the vote
And they can't understand why he, the man
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I'm singin' 'bout a KING
They don't like it when I decide to mic it
Wait, I'm waitin' for the date
For the man, who demands respect
Cause he was great, C'mon
I'm on the one mission to get a politician to honor
Or he's a goner by the time I get to Arizona

[Verse 2]
Well, I got 25 days to do it
If a wall in the way, just watch me go through it
Cause I gotta do what I gotta do
P.E. number one, gets the job done
When it's done and over, was because I drove'er
Through all the static, not stick but automatic
That's the way it is, he gotta get his
Talking MLK, gonna find a way
Make the state pay, I'm looking for the day
Hard as it seems, this ain't no damn dream
Gotta know what I mean, it's team against team
Catch the light beam

So I pray, I pray every day, I do and praise Jah the maker
Looking for culture I got, but not here from Jamaica
Pushing and shaking the structure, bringing down the Babylon
Hearing the s**er that make it hard for the Brown
The hard Boulovard I need it now more than ever now
Who's sitting on my freedom, opressor, people beater
A piece of the pick, we picked a piece of land that we're deserving now
Reparation a piece of the nation, and, damn, he got the nerve
Another n***a they say and cla**ify we want too much
My people plus the whole nine is mine, don't think I even double dutch
Here's a brother my attitude is hit 'em, hang them high
I'm blowing up the 90's, started ticking in '86
When the blind get a mind, better start fearing while we sing it
Now, there will be the day we know those down and who will go

By the time I get to Arizona

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