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Struggle - Outlaw Shit lyrics

[Verse 1: Struggle]
She said storms will never last
So I'm looking out the window like, when's it gonna pass
I need some cash, I did the math, it keeps ending in subtraction
Is it fate or just the laws of attraction? I'll never know
Pa's tracks, fast lane, cocaine dealer
Tryna ease this pain with these painkillers
I don't want my soul to be stained to obtain my wealth
I couldn't learn from his mistakes, I had to make em myself
And I ain't never been scared, but reality is frightening
My 3 year old daughter's name came from my indictments
Like a vh1 story with a hard ending
Shit I'm serving a life sentence and I still got a charge pending
Seems like everywhere I go now, they watching
Hiding this pain in my eyes behind Versace's
Can't sleep I'm too busy chasing dreams
And the fed's sent a posse down like I ain't never seen

Don't you think this outlaw shit has gotten out of hand?
What started out to be a joke, the law don't understand

[Verse 2: Struggle]
I've always been crazy but it kept me from going insane
I grew up thinking it's part of the game
Them outlaw's always taught me bad guys we're the fed's
Don't get high on your supply, your brain will look like eggs
In a skillet, yea can you feel it? forget it
80's baby, crack era, that's how im'a get it
Fresh up outta jail, new plan, new man
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But I can't seem to change who I am, I'm a hustler
I been running for so long from them boys
I can't go to sleep without the noise
Television's on,.40 by my head
Laying on the couch while my Shawty's in the bed
If I stay awake til' 5,i'll probably sell another ounce
Shoes tied tight just in case I gotta bounce
Hear their tires hit the gravel, how they know I'm back at it?
Little girl looking, "daddy why you in the attic"? I'm hiding

Don't you think this outlaw shit has gotten out of hand?
What started out to be a joke, the law don't understand

[Verse 3: Yelawolf]
But it's a beautiful view, when we're looking down
From this high, over snow capped mountains
Crimson dyed, don't give my momma black roses
I gotta gun, but I'm not strong enough to hold it
Crimson dyed, a broken record for a token
Pay a silver dollar for another crime story
But when you're looking down, from this high
And I just made it to the clouds
And it'll be a while before I hit the ground,(let's go)
And taking freedom from me now
Would be like taking water from the nile
Cause the river still flows
From a story that a dam couldn't hold
(Ight grandpa it's your turn)


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