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Straylight Run - Ten Ton Shoes lyrics

Living in fear because the world is cold
And hope might be coming but you never know.
There are dead end streets around every turn.
And a road map too beaten up, torn, and burnt to read.

Dead weight carried on for miles and miles.
And someone's telling jokes but you never smile,
As the rows of tombstone houses pa** you by.
And I say, you say, we say change.
But we all know just what they say.
The more things change the more they stay the same.
They just stay the same.

This time it's eating me alive.

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It's a long cold winter in the dead of night.
And the candidates are saying they can make it right.
And we'll buy almost anything that they sell.
Drop dead headlights coming down the road.
And we're frozen blind
Believing in a heart of gold that will
Swoop right in and save us from our sins.
Save us from our sins.

This time it's eating me alive.

I'm a bug on it's back kicking legs in the air
On a sidewalk in a city somewhere
Seconds from thundering steps and ten ton shoes.

This time it's eating me alive.

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